Future Patch

Hopefully in the near future, we will get to see these new patches soon. Information taken from the official website of PW - china.


Check out fashion and dyes for the present fashions
I will probably add a new category next time for this part


Hopefully we'll see these new Mounts soon


We just got new Flights so it will probably take some time again before we get new ones.


  • Holy Moon Valley
  • Misty City

New Monsters

This year, PW opened a new patch in PW2 china that will provide a new new gaming experience, patch of "Burning Anger of the God's". Here are some screenshots of the new monsters.


Yups, they are monsters but they look like people.

Housing system

How would you like to use the mysterious articles we get from the villa round the world/li meng bai quest? I know i would love to dispose of them or use them if i can. Enter the housing system.

New Equipment

This is actually a given fact since new patch gives new equipment most of the time. Check below for more info.

Production skills

Production level will be increased.

  • Crafting gold equipment.

In our current version, players can only craft white, blue and purple equipment readily. In this patch, when you reach a certain production level (future patch), your crafting will be upgraded into blue, purple and gold equipment. Simply said, the best gold equipment is no longer a dream, coz even simple materials may also produce high-quality gold equipment! Basically you can stop hunting in dungeons just to get your gold equipment. But just like any crafting, getting gold equipment is purely random. Note though that these equipment are different from molds dropped in dungeons.

  • Variable attributes and slots

As we all know, gold equipment have fixed attributes. But here, just like normal white, blue and purple equipment, crafted gold equipment by virtue of higher production level can now provide variable attributes with the usual 2-4 possible slots. This will provide players with the chance to choose their own set of equipment provided they were able to reach the required production skill.

  • Gold equipment can also be upgraded

In our current version, only green equipment (dusk) can be broken down into sword soul, holy and 3 star equips into immortal stones while the rest can just be broken down into source stones. But in this expansion set, gold equipment will also play a great part by being broken down into a casting tool to get attributed orange equipment.

New Map and Story

Actually with the PW2 expansion, there will be a new story which will involve the opening of the gates between the Past or Ancient Perfect World and Present Perfect World. The door to the Past will come from the oldest city on Perfect World, the Heaven Tear City.

The story will provide players with new quests that will enable them to see the perfect world of the past. In this gameplay, players will get to choose the direction of their adventure. Each scene will have two options and the ending of the quest will depend on those options.

New Baby Pets

I know people like cute and cuddly pets so additional non-combat pets were added that will be available for all classes.

Inspired the movie "Mulan", having a little dragon by your side will ease your loneliness. dragon.jpg It's cute and clever, who wouldn't be attracted to the baby dalmatian inspired by the movie 101 Dalmatians. dalmatian.jpg
The existence of such a small, cute and cuddly hamster, life will certainly be a lot more fun. Inspired by the recent movies regarding rodents as protagonists. hamster.jpg The story of the rabbit and the turtle has always been told and retold in every generation. Now the perfect small turtle came to the mainland to bring joy to its owner. turtle.jpg
Although it is quite difficult to look at the sun-lit phoenix, it's snowy counterpart is beautiful to behold. phoenix.jpg

Storage and Warehouse Expansion

Looking at the present warehouse, there is now 2 more tabs. We still can't click it yet but hopefully it will be available soon.

Additional Socketing System

Yes you read that right. There will be an NPC who will put an additional socket for a certain fee. We're still going to follow the rules of max 2 slots in weapons and 4 slots in clothing but it will be really nice to add additional slots.

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