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The Jade Immortal in Snowfall Village (152, 964) speaks of a tale regarding the legendary Frost City, which was once a vital trade center of the Perfect World. Now, a hundred years after the frost city's disappearance, there seems to be an unknown city that was found where the Frost City once stood. Read the story of frost city.

When you reach level 75, talk to the Jade Immortal to know what happened to the Frost City. That will activate the "Frost Millennium" Quest. Once you have accepted the quest, you can now unlock the Solo Mode instance of Frost City. Solo Mode will allow you to collect Jade Pieces and Jade Fragments, which are required to finish the Jade Ghost Town quest. Note though that the Frost Millennium quest wont appear in the quest log. As soon as you accepted the quest, another quest will appear for Jade Immortal as well. Talk to him to get the quest "Jade Ghost Town". The Campaign Mode will only open once you have finished the Jade Ghost Town.

Entering the Frost City

* The coordinate for the entrance is 116 969.
* There is an option to use the Stone Fairy in Dragon City South or Dragon City West.

entrance.jpg ent.jpg

Navigating inside the dungeon

Once you enter the dungeon, you will be brought to the Frost City Holy Mirror. A tall pillar will be beside the main gate. There are three dungeon modes.


1. Frost Gate – The default entry point. You can enter a small part of the dungeon, and monsters drop Jade Pieces and Jade Fragments at a low rate.

2. Open Frost City Solo – The same as Frost Gate, but monsters drop Jade Pieces and Jade Fragments at a higher rate.

If you want to enter this mode, you will need to provide 1 Heavenly Craftsmanship. Heavenly Craftsmanship can be crafted at any of the Materials Cast furnaces all throughout the Frost City Dungeon.


On Tab I of the Materials Cast Furnace, you can combine 4 Lumber Essence, 4 Damascus Steel, 4 Emery, 4 Refined Coke in order to get one Heavenly Craftsmanship

3. Campaign to Frost City – You must be a member of a party with at least 4 members. You will be able to collect components for the Legendary Arms by defeating the Boss monsters.

On Tab II of the Materials Cast Furnace, you can combine the appropriate Jade Pieces and Jade Fragments into Complete Jades of the same sort.

7 Jade Pieces + 1 Jade Fragment = 1 Jade Virtue -Way, Cancel, Justice, Life, Wisdom, Trust, Courtesy

The party needs to collect the Seven Jades of Virtue in order to complete the Quest.


Only one member of the party needs to provide Jades in order to complete any quest that asks for them.



Campaign Mode Walkthrough

Dungeon Openers

As you proceed through the instance, you will come across several locked doors. More often than not, they can be unlocked by killing specific monsters. Unless there is a boss barring the way, it is usually the Snow Spirit Emissary that acts as the key.
The first part of the dungeon is fairly straightforward; simply defeat all the Bosses in the way and open the doors.

fcityguide11.jpg The Thunderwyrm
fcityguide12.jpg The Crying Devil
fcityguide13.jpg The Wide-Eye Centaur

The Ice crystallizations

After defeating the Wide-Eye Centaur, the Frost Mountain Priest will appear to give you a quest that will unlock the next part of the dungeon.
The quest does not appear in your quest menu, and it is possible to take it multiple times. You need to activate it in order to be able to proceed deeper into the dungeon.

Now, you have to collect the Deep-Ice Crystallization and the Fierce-Ice Crystallization in order to proceed further.
Return to the Icy Chamber in order to collect the Deep-Ice Crystallization.

fcityguide15.jpg fcityguide17.jpg

Afterwards, return to the Permafrost Chamber to collect the Fierce-Ice Crystallization.

fcityguide16.jpg fcityguide18.jpg

Beware, for monsters on the map respawn after each stage!

After collecting the crystals, you can now access the Blizzard Temple part of the map.

fcityguide19.jpg The Whirling Mandala

The Frost City Master

After defeating the Whirling Mandala, the Frost Master Helan Qiushan will appear to tell you more about the circumstances of the Frost City.
Once you have accepted the quest (once again, this quest does not appear in your quest window, and is simply a trigger for the next section), A Frost Tablet should appear on the other end of the room.
In order to access the next part of the Dungeon, you must provide 3 Jades to the Frost Tablet.

1 Cancel Jade (Requires 7 Compassion Jade Piece and 1 Compassion Jade Fragment)
1 Justice Jade
1 Courtesy Jade

There is a Materials Cast on the other end of the room, in case you have not crafted the Jades yet.
Completing the Quest will release the next Boss, the Fury of Blizzard.

The Fury of Blizzard

After defeating the boss, return to Helan Qiushan to activate the next quest.

A Rusted Door

At the Great Hall of Ice, there are four locked doors with seemingly no way through. The key lies in the Permafrost Corridor, which can be accessed from the North and South exits of the Great Hall.
The party must split up into two groups, as killing the Door Guardian in the South corridor will open the door of the North corridor (and vice-versa).

Once the door opens, two Frost Tablets will appear, each of which has a quest. You need to apply 50 Synthetic Oil to both of the tablets in order to unlock the mechanism in the Great Hall of Ice.
The party must complete both quests within 10 seconds or the Door Guardians will respawn and you will have to repeat the quests again. It is advised that all the characters enter the area as soon as the doors vanish, as they will reappear if the Door Guardian respawns, separating any party members outside the area.

The Treasure Room

Once again, there is a toll to be paid to access the Boss of this part of the dungeon.
1 Courtesy Jade
1 Trust Jade
1 Justice Jade

The Blasphemous Emissary

Helan Qiuxue

Returning to the Great Hall of Ice reveals another Frost Tablet. This time, you only need to provide 2 Jades in order to proceed to the next boss.
1 Life Jade
1 Way Jade
Helan Qiuxue is the Frost City Master's brother, and is the one behind the terrible events of the City. After a token exchange of pleasantries, the boss battle commences.
Helan Qiuxue
After defeating Helan Qiuxue, only one room remains to be explored. However, there does not seem to be any way to open it. Or there is…?


Bonus Stage: The Frost Phoenix Stone

This part of the dungeon can be activated once per run. In order to summon the Burning Phoenix, you must provide:
1 Justice Jade
1 Wisdom Jade
1 Compassion Jade

Once the quest has been activated, the Burning Phoenix will appear.
The Burning Phoenix
The Burning Phoenix is considered to be a flying monster, and is thus out of reach of standard melee attacks. Only Ranged and Magic attacks will be able to reach it, barring a creative use of terrain or mob pulling.
Furthermore, after the boss is defeated, the Burning Phoenix Soul will materialize in the middle of the room.

You have 60 seconds to destroy the Burning Phoenix Soul. If you fail to kill it within the time limit, it will disappear and the Burning Phoenix will return to life.

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