Frost City

Story of the Frost City

In the Imperial City, there spread a ballad sung by travellers with phrases about the snow white covered Frost City, songs spoke about the power and influence that this city had which can equal that of the Imperial Dragon City.

After the Lord of Ice died, his body became the Frost Temple. This is the sacred land of the Frost City. If the Frost City falls under peril, the Frost Temple is the final hope. A hundred years ago, a rare blizzard attacked the northern part of the perfect land. The blizzard lasted for 10 years. After the storm, the Imperial city traders attempted to open the trade route towards the Frost City. Here, their caravans found pure silence. There is no life anywhere. The entire prestigious Frost city vanished and left no trail.

This report shocked the whole continent. How can an entire city vanish without a trace? All kinds of speculation spread over the Imperial City. Was the city buried underground because of the the 10-year snow or with the vast knowledge of the people, have they assumed control of the entire frost city and hid it from the world?

The Imperial Emperor gathered his lords and discussed strategies on how to unearth the Frost City hiding secret. After 6 months of discussion, they yielded no resolution.

A hundred years later, the explorers of the northern city had an astonishing discovery. They found the trail of some young explorer. The trail leads to a tunnel that shows some castle remnants and destroyed buildings. Unfortunately they also discovered the explorer's incomplete corpse. In the body of the Xiao Lin, they found a journal regarding the re-emergence of this mysterious castle. Fear, panic and inconceivable messages filled the journal. Xiao Lin clearly described the two monsters that attacked him. Although their origins are not clear, they are the two of the most notorious villains - Snow Spirit Emissary and the Snow Mirage Commander. Xiao Lin also wrote the method how to bind the monstrous Snow Spirit Emissary. The journal stopped at the part where they had reached the entrance of the castle at the end of the tunnel.

When the city elders found out, they decided to sponsor lots of money to the 10-person team, composed of the top explorers in the world, to discover the mysterious castle in the northern part of Perfect Land. The mainland city waited anxiously for any word from the expedition team but after waiting for some time, still no message was ever heard from them.

Why are there corpses piled high at the entrance? From the positions of the bodies and the weapons scattered around, it was clear that fierce fighting occured. Why did they fight? For what purpose? Could the sudden disappearance of the Frost City and the mysterious appearace of the secret tunnel possibly relate to each other? Is that tunnel leading to the lost Frost city or some other underground city unknown to the surface land? No one knows, because no one has come to the end of tunnel and went back to the surface to speak of it.

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