Dusk Bosses

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Chapter 1: Soul-Calming Hymn


Qin Tian

The Qin line has been guardians of the tombs and Qin Tian was assigned to guard the tomb of the Emperor Cang Li. When the tomb was discovered, adventurers discovered the ancestor of the cursed Qin line whose various descendants have spiraled into madness.

Drops: Qin Tian's Blade, Qin Tian's Armor Piece, Qin Tian's Hard Armor

Drum God

The drum god is the present name to the legendary great drummer. He has achieved great technique with his brake drum to the point that his grandiose stature also takes the form of the great drum. After hearing that the dusk temple have the hardest and the practical brake drum material, he entered alone in that dangerous place, and from that time on has not come back again.

Drops: Drum of Disruption, Complete Drum Case, Tenacious Great Drum


Holy Armor

When Emperor Cang Li died, his body armor was also buried in the tomb. After thousands of years, tomb raiders rumors say that the tomb has become a guardian to the underworld and that the armor that was buried with the golden mask has become a dark entity in its own. They say that when you disturb the emperor's tomb, the Cang Li holy armor will awaken and will punish everyone it sees.

Drops: Broken Golden Armor Piece, Solid Golden Armor Piece, Spirit of Golden Armor (gold)

Ancient Snake

One of the great beasts that resulted from the failed "Wheel of Fate" summoning.

Drops:Ancient Snake Hide, Blood of Ancient Snake, Ancient Serpent Soul (gold)



When the powerful ritual called the Wheel of Fate failed thousands of years ago. An ancient wraith was trapped on the mortal coil by this ancient sorcery. Hardened into thinking that everyone is an enemy, only by defeating it will put it out of its misery and allow it to go to its reward.

Drops: Ghostly Tentacle, Ghostly Golden Mirror

Chapter 2: Destiny's Symphony

Zhen Zhun

A great general in the Dusk Dynasty. When the dynasty fell due to the failed summoning, Zhen Zhun was among those who fell into the evil surrounding the palace. He now guards the entrance to the palace and woe to whoever comes inside.

Drops: Armored Hide of Crazy Lion, Claws of Crazy Lion, Sharp Blade of Crazy Lion


Shen Wuluo

A general whose soul was corrupted with the Evil inside the palace. Many say his souls wage war inside him and can take a form of their own when challenged.

Drops: Helmet of Shenwu's Leutenant, Shenwu Leutenant's Black Jewel (gold), Spike of Shenwu's Leutenant, Shenwu Leutenant's Arm Piece

Feng Wuhen

It is said that the first general of Cang Li never left his emperor's side. When the great battle ensued, the first general was decapitated which led to his demise. After thousands of years, it is widely rumored that the Emperor Cang Li has risen from the dusk. The stories also say that the dynasty's first general will be ressurected from the dead and will follow the path of his master once more.

Drops: Feng Wuhen's Black Armor, Feng Wuhen's Iron Stand, Feng Wuhen's Gauntlets (gold), Shenwu Lieutenant's Saddlehorn


Great Ape

One of the great beasts that resulted from the failed "Wheel of Fate" summoning.

Drops: Fang of Great Ape, Palm of Great Ape (gold), Armored Hide of Great Ape, Tail of Great Ape

Spirit Beast

One of the great beasts that resulted from the failed "Wheel of Fate" summoning.

Drops: Claw of Devourer, Fur of Devourer, Iron Beard of the Devourer


Seven Emissary

These seven emissaries harness the 7 elements of power. Minister Zi Zhun tasked them to summon the Ancient Demon with their combined powers. They failed and inadvertently released the great beasts instead.

Drops: Star Dust, Prismatic Touch, Prismatic Wheel, Power of the Prismatic Spirit

Ancient Annihilator

Drops: Horn of Ancient Devil, Dust of Ancient Devil, Soul of Ancient Devil


Chapter 3: Aria of Dusk



One of the entropy guards that guards the gate of the Dusk palace.
Drops: Iron Armor of Darkness, Lamella of Darkness, Tools of Darkness

Gui Xiao

Lord Gui Xiao was a tortured spirit that was enslaved with a curse. He manages to keep it in check but every now and then, he succumbs to the curse effect and unleashes the evil overpowers him.

Drops: Long Horn of Ghostly Slave, Carapace of Ghostly Slave (gold), Axe-Blade of Ghostly Slave, Burning Heart of Ghostly Slave


Zi Lin

One of the entroopy guards that guards the gate of the Dusk palace.

Drops: Hand of the Demoness, Energy of the Demoness, Soul of Demoness (gold), Crown of the Demoness

Holy Lady

The fallen head priestess of the Dusk Dynasty. It is said that she wanted to keep the power inside the Dusk Palace and no one can take it away. She can unleash her army of fanatics to those who will attempt to touch her king.

Drops: Jewel of the Holy Mother, Coronet of the Holy Mother (gold), Spirit Stone of the Holy Mother, Heart of the Holy Mother (99)


Black Beast

One of the great beasts that resulted from the failed "Wheel of Fate" summoning.

Drops: Hard Armor of Great Beast, Shell of Great Beast (gold), Black Breath of Great Beast, Crimson Horn of Great Beast, Sole of Great Beast(gold)

Tie Luoyun

One of the entroopy guards that guards the gate of the Dusk palace.

Drops: Teasel of the Ghost King, Power of the Ghost King, Golden Silk of the Ghost King, Hilt Guard of the Ghost King (gold)


Zi Zhun

He was assigned to maintain the power of the dynasty while the young king can't reign. Due to desperation, he tasked the seven emisarries of power to do the ancient ritual "Wheel of the fate" to summon the Ancient demon that can wipe their entire enemies in an instant.

Drops: Soul Mask of Purity, Seal of the Minister, Silk Whip of Purity (gold), Bright Wings of Purity (gold)

Emperor of Dusk

The Emperor Cang Li once known to be the cruelest king who was merciless in his reign of power. Some tomb raiders say he never died, most stories say he has been ressurected from the death to bring back the Dusk Dynasty to full glory once again.

Drops: Verdant Blade, Hindsight of the Dynasty (gold), Fighting Spirit of the King, Regret of the Dynasty (gold)


Host of Fairyland

When the master of creation argued with the gods, she created a temporary land with a host that she can control. She attempted to use the ancient ritual of summoning to summon the ancient mystical strength that will eventually release the Fairyland she created and replace the real world.

Drops: Spring of the Illusiory Mirror, Illusiory Mirror Lord's Symbol, Stone of Dreamland (gold), Spirit of Heaven and Earth (gold), Dusk Scepter of Might (gold), The Golden Mask (gold)

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