Dusk Equipment


The green equipment that we see being worn by people are equipment crafted from dusk items. These are weapons, armors and accessories crafted in the furnaces in the lower left Dragon City or inside the dusk temple. Materials needed for the equipment which are dropped by monsters inside the temple. Some materials are normal drops and some materials are also rare boss drops. Some materials can only be found in solo-mode while some in party-mode. Refer to this link for materials from the dusk temple. If you have no idea what solo or party mode is, check out the hall of dusk guide.

In holy equipment, you can choose what items you want to craft, be it a low level equipment or a high level equipment. Here, you cannot craft a higher level dusk equipment if you dont have a sword soul (the equivalent of mold) which is a product when a low level equipment is broken down.

Sword soul

When you see a high level dusk equipment, you will always see this item: 1 Sword soul: xxxxxxxx where xxxxxxx is a name of a low level equipment. This means that when you break down that low level equipment, instead of getting source stones like ordinary equipment, you will get its soul.

You can break down an item via:

  • Armors - Tailor
  • Weapons - Ironsmith
  • Accessories - Craftsman


Unlike the crafted equipment via the tailor, blacksmith or craftsman, these items are akin to gold equipment which can be crafted thru the holy furnaces and have almost fixed bonuses given. I say almost because some bonuses vary (example 7~8 means stat can be 7 or 8). The normal crafted equipment can be uber nice or downright trash.

  • Item names are green, yellow and orange.
  • Complete magical defense on all armors and mdef accessories.
  • Armors and weapons automatically have slot/s. (Min. 2 slots for Armors, Min. 1 slot for weapons)
  • Yellow and Orange items are bound to the character once worn. You can move the item to the inventory and the banker but it cannot be dropped, traded nor sold to any NPC.


These equipment can be crafted from the following furnaces found in the lower left corner of Dragon city or inside the Dusk Temple.

Furnace: Holy Soldier (Weapon)

Furnace: Solid Armor (Armor)

Furnace: Spirit Ornament (Accessory)

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