Active Dragon Clans

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Not a complete listing of clans

Logo Clan Name Website Additional Information
blank.PNG Aethereal Main Site moc.oohay|nalC_laerehteA#moc.oohay|nalC_laerehteA Email
Aethereal- (i-theer-ee-uhl) impalpable; intangible; untouchable; exquisite; light; heavenly being; happiness of a silent death.
aruans.jpg Aruan's Main Site
Arua will light our path.
A Merge Clan of pRose Clans namely: DarkSide, Genocide, Infernalz, LEGENDZ, Novena.
Warriors of the seven hearts
blank.PNG Carnage PWboards thread Carnage is different we dont have websites for players to visit and submit their applications. We dont do that. If they request to join, we entertain them. If they wish to stay, we are then grateful. If they wish to leave, we are also grateful at least we got to know what kind of individuals they are.
blank.PNG Celestial Forum -
3679834.jpg?82x75 FUGAZI™ Main We stand as ONE to heed the call of our BROTHERS
heritage.PNG Heritage Main Site
her-it-age [her-i-tij] –noun
— something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth;
hol.JPG Holy Order of the Light™ Main Site
blank.PNG Infinity Forum
Main Site
Live with No Limitations
lianmeng.png Lian Meng Main Site
From Coalescence of RO Chaos
lotus.jpg Lotus Forum No Matter Where It Takes Root, It Shall Rise Above All. That Is The Will Of The Lotus
Extension: LOTUS
blank.PNG LTZ Main Site Legendary Trained Zealots
maharot.jpg Maharot Forum
Dangerously Naughty but Nice!
method.jpg Method Main Site
Perfectionist by nature, Excellence through deeds.
mythril.PNG Mythril Forum Harder than steel, more precious than gold
p3x.JPG P3X Infinity Main Site
Breaking Barriers!
blank.PNG Phoenix Friendster
Rebirth of the future,
from the ashes of the Past
ravenclaw.png RavenClaw Main Site "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure"

values: intelligence, creativity, wit, and wisdom.

salawayun.JPG Salawayun Main Site
Clan Motto: In Union there is strength, Nasa sibuyas ang kusog!!!
Clan Specialty: Kicking fish
For Application PM: AireenMae, joven007, ™Marga™, Ryla, Narra
sanctius.gif Sanctius Main Site Bringers of Light and Love and Harmony, Defenders of Beauty and Virtue
shadowrun.PNG Shadowrun Main Site Walk in the shadows unnoticed. Strike when the cry is great.
blank.PNG SOGO - SOGO - discount from FLIP and Sonnie (daw)
blank.PNG T Y R - From bHadBoys and Lotus
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