Dark Beast City


When: Monday 8 pm onwards
Level Requirement: 80
NPC to talk to: Wolf Cub in major cities
Note: Remember not to cancel the quest since you can pick up where you left off on the following week.

EXP rewards are;

Quest 1; 150,000 exp - 10 fame - Level 7 stone
Quest 2; 150,000 exp - 10 fame - Level 7 stone
Quest 3; 120,000 exp - 10 fame - Level 7 stone

You need to kill 2-3 bosses for each quest. Bosses are all over map so you need to search for the boss needed for your quest. Bosses are free-for-all, although teams there usually respects whoever came first to tackle the boss, team wipe-out evidently means next party's turn.

Regular drops are lots and lots of immortal stones, level 5 stones, a few Ghost General Passes (+100 fame when exchanged) and Level 95 usable books like the Wanted and Authentic Works. Unlike tokened bosses, these bosses are generous, they really drop lots of loots.

Final Boss reward:

Icon Name Stat Screenie
icon.jpg ★ Stamp of Eternal Solitude
Lv 12
Atk +100
Matk +100
Durability 205/205
Lv Required: 80
Critical +3%
Dexterity +7~8
Constitution +7~8

Credits: PW boards. prodigaL

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