Crafting Information

Crafting can sometimes provide better equipment than those we get from quests or monsters' drops. This info can better provide you a general idea.

by: Masamuneko

We were going to elaborate on advancement techniques, so now we will discuss crafting and how it will affect Perfect World’s metagame.

Item crafting and customization is a staple of most MMOGs nowadays, and is one way for players to customize their equipment. From RO’s blacksmith crafting and equipment slot card systems to RF Online’s Ability Reaver combining and Talic system, customization exists in all sorts of forms. Perfect World is no exception to this; but the concept is taken one step further.

As most players who have played a version of PW may already know, Production skills may be learned at Level 5. These primary production skills (Weapon, Armor, Accessory and Herbalist - as well as Wing Craft for Wings) form the foundation upon which players can really set their characters apart from the mold.

When you craft a piece of equipment, it is treated as a monster drop - equipment statistics are generated on the spot. This is not much different from equipment stat-driven games such as ROSE Online or Diablo, but the significant point of difference is the variety of possible stat bonuses that can result from a simple crafting attempt.

Let’s go into some detail:

  • A crafting attempt can result in random base statistics of three grades - minimum shop stats (one star), slight improvement (two stars) or elite (three stars). These terms are characterizations and not actual terms.
  • Each piece of equipment crafted may gain anywhere from zero to three additional abilities. These abilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Added HP or MP
  • Added Atk, Matk, Def or Elemental Def values
  • Added stats
  • Reduced equipment requirements
  • Increased stat maximums
  • Rare effects (our resident crafter Dawg managed to create a set of boots that boosts your overall movement speed)
  • In addition to special bonuses, crafted Weapons and Armor may gain anywhere from zero to four (at least, we have not seen any equipment with more than four) slots which players can insert gems into. Gems can be purchased from the Vendor NPCs and upgraded with the Synthesis NPCs (names not yet final) and can add basic bonuses to Weapons and Armor. (By “basic”, we mean general character values such as HP, MP, damage and defense)
  • After crafting your ultimate equipment, you can then upgrade it, using the same process as RO’s weapon/armor upgrade. The significant difference? Failure will never destroy your equipment.

So what does this mean, exactly?

It means that players can spend days, weeks or even months crafting stuff to aim for that perfect customized equipment set. Want a high-mobility dodge set? It’s possible. An equipment set that incorporates layers and layers of Physical Defense for your tanker? Sure, why not? A weapon that can hit anything, deal mega damage and make french fries? Knock yourself out!

Right, with the good out of the way, let’s get into the better.

  • Crafting is always successful. No worries about wasted material from failures.
  • Crafted equipment can be broken down into base components, which can then be used to create consumable charms that temporarily increase attack or magic attack power.
  • Three-star equipment can be broken down to obtain the rare stones that you need to upgrade material with.
  • Crafting equipment nets you a small amount of EXP and Insight for each attempt.

Credits: Perfect World Sneek Peak

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