Other than using your mouse to move about, you can also play the game using basic shortcuts in your keyboard.


W - Move Forward
S - Move Back
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
X - Tumble

Spacebar - Jump (on land), Fly up (when flying), Swim up, (when underwater)
Z - Fly down (when flying), Swim down (when swimming)


Mouse Wheel / +, - - Zoom In/Out
Hold Right Click + Move mouse - Change Camera Angle
Open Free Camera - F9


Enter - Switch to chat window
CTRL + D - Clear chat window

Window Shortcuts:

Q - Quest Window
C - Status Window
B - Inventory
E - Emoticon and Action
R - Skills
G - Guild Window
L - Help Files
T - Party Window
F- Friends List
M - Open Map
O- Item Mall
P - Auction Window
Alt + H - No User Interface mode


F1-F8 - Function Key Hotkeys
Tab - Toggle Function Key Hotkeys
1-6 - Number Key Hotkeys
~ - Toggle Number Key Hotkeys

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