Bring Me

Contest Ended


1. Everyone from PW-ph servers (Dragon,Tiger and Serpent) can join this contest.
2. The event will happen simultaneously in all three servers but there could only be one winner.
3. This will be a bring me event, the list and our location will be posted on May 5 (exactly 4:30 pm) on the homepage. We changed the time coz i have an important appointment which ends at 4 pm- Janelh
4. There will be 21 items on the list.
5. The first one to bring the complete items shall be the winner and his/her name will be announced in all servers.
6. The event will end at 6 pm (1 1/2 hour duration only) or earlier if we have a winner by then.
7. We won't get the items from you, you just need to show via trade that you have completed the list.
8. The winner will receive the flight of his/her choice within the day of the event.
9. Comments will be very much appreciated. Please post below

Bring Me event concluded

Winner: FsAngel of Dragon Server

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