Boss Cards


My first online game was Ragnarok. I first encountered boss cards there. The first time I found out that Perfect World will also have boss cards, I immediately thought of RO boss cards. I half-expected boss to drop cards which players can use in game. It was a good thing I didn't fully expect it to be the same because after researching further about it, I realized that these boss cards are totally different from the boss cards I encountered before. This is kinda like dead branch.

Anyway for non-RO players out there just disregard my chatter. In a more serious tone of narration (yeah right). These cards can summon bosses which drop certain ores and materials that can be crafted into divine equipment. Check below for more information.

Quest Flow

1) Collect 8 cards of the same type for a certain boss. There are 128 types of boss cards corresponding to 16 bosses (8 cards each).
2) Talk to the Great Sage of the Earth located in Heaven Tear City of the past to exchange the cards and get a quest.
3) Go to the dungeon corresponding to the location of the boss in your quest. Kill the summoning monster (this is the normal mob previously with chinese text/box box for a name).
4) A summoning robot will appear once the monster has been killed. Talk to the summoning robot corresponding to the correct boss in your cards. It will summon the boss for you.
5) Kill the boss, report back to the Sage and get the sealed boss card. The boss will also drop ores and materials needed to create the new equipment/weapons (blue to gold).
6) Once you completed the 16 sealed boss cards, you can then exchange it to activate the 17th boss quest.
7) Kill the final boss and get the Hero card where you can exchange it to any random Divine equipment.

Boss Locations

Boss number Boss Location Ores Drop
1 pw2008060603.jpg 12113641.jpg Strength Ores
2 pw2008060604.jpg 25334351.jpg Strength Ores
3 pw2008060605.jpg 37580011.jpg Strength Ores
4 pw2008060606.jpg Strength Ores
5 pw2008060607.jpg 53252156.jpg Constitution Ores
6 pw2008060608.jpg 77938847.jpg Constitution Ores
7 pw2008060609.jpg 57755238.jpg Constitution Ores
8 pw2008060610.jpg 84371592.jpg Constitution Ores
9 pw2008060611.jpg Intelligence Ores
10 pw2008060612.jpg 24577037.jpg Intelligence Ores
11 pw2008060613.jpg 37673118.jpg Intelligence Ores
12 pw2008060614.jpg 65436446.jpg Intelligence Ores
13 pw2008060615.jpg 64986169.jpg Dexterity Ores
14 pw2008060616.jpg 44491163.jpg Dexterity Ores
15 pw2008060617.jpg 87929246.jpg Dexterity Ores
16 pw2008060618.jpg 47708385.jpg Dexterity Ores
17 pw2008072701.jpg 55157454.jpg Hero Card

Where to get


  • Using wines could eliminate the summoning monster. Be careful when using them.


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