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Mar 09, 2009

Shenwu Valley patch came last march 5 and with it some major changes happened.
1.) The 2 lucky boxes are gone. In place is a new lucky box which we wont even buy. We wasted a lot of money in the previous boxes only to come up empty handed. The frost box gives out rare and hard-to-get frost equipment.
2.) Anyway other than the box, there are 2 new mount now.
3.) New npcs and the completion of some quests
4.) Removal of ds in dungeons 89 and 99. I will do the guide later. I'm trying to maintain the one update / day momentum right now.
5.) New fashion of course
6.) New daily quest. Sayang nga lang hindi pde ma trade yung reward so that rafi can get the reward ring ASAP.
7.) Some people are complaining because flight in Territorial war is now enabled. I can't comment on this one. We have no clan so we don't experience TW with our chars.
8.) The security lock is now active. Bad for those people who click without reading what it does first.
9.) We can't dig materials and minerals anymore. We have to resort to buying from the item mall. THIS IS SO BAD!
10.) The next dungeon level 109 is now open. Unfortunately the level cap hasn't increased yet. Tsk tsk tsk.
11.) A new weird NPC appeared in the center of DC where a person can craft level 16 items. Unfortunately people have been reporting that the item crafted doesn't appear in their inventory even if the materials disappeared. Too bad.
12.) The mystic merchant makes it possible for molds, moon valley equipment and even level 16 weapon materials to be crafted. Many people are sporting level 100 divine weapons now. Wow!
13.) Of course the shenwu valley dungeon is now open. The mission orders from the wolf cub can be used now.
14.) Snuggle in dungeons are deactivated. Huhuhu… can't fill up chi anymore.
15.) They removed the dark beast city event. Stamp of eternal solitude are getting more pricey.

I wonder what other items are here now? The thing i hate most in this new patch is the additional box-box NPCs. The patch didn't even include the translations of previous NPCs and items with boxes for names and now they add more of the same untranslated NPCs/items. How irritating!

Feb 23, 2009

3 months since I last blogged about something. We've decided to finish levels 75-88 general quests of our yuling and yao shou. Lolz. from 40% to 70% after finishing all quests. Not bad.

Rafi is already rank 7. It's now Cess' turn to get to rank 7. It will be my turn after her.

Nov 24, 2008

We toured Heaven dome this morning. Well not really tour since we didn't get to see the whole map. Rafi and I have been trying to hunt in Heaven Purgatory during his rest days, the rest of the week we just do normal heaven hunt. I left Rafi in heaven dome this morning… we were talking about us and i guess it was just too much for me to handle. I logged off.

Nov 17, 2008

It's been a while since i last updated this blog. Hopefully i get to update this on a regular basis again. So what has happened in the last few days or rather weeks since i last updated this. Let me think.

It's back to school for me so I resigned from my work to concentrate on my studies. Rafi didn't resign so basically we don't get to see each other as often as before anymore. Right now we're still adjusting our time tables so hopefully we get to adjust soon. To be honest, i've been meaning to write down my everyday schedule so i can work out when to do my blog, update the site, write articles, do homeworks, cook (since our maid left), clean the house, etc etc. Darn too much to do.. so little time.

Our maid left 3 weeks ago and so my elder sister and I had to quickly adapt without someone to sort our mess at home. We thought we can make a go of it since we did live for months without any maid. I was the one who cooked and did the laundry. My elder sister cleaned the house and washed the dishes. My younger sister lived in the dorm and she's still living in the dorm so it was just me and my elder sister. Unfortunately there's a huge difference between the past and the present. We didn't have any furniture then. Yes for two years our apartment was without any furniture. We only had a ref, a microwave and a stove in the kitchen. A TV on the floor, a small table and 2 monobloc chairs in our dining area / sala. Our beds were just mattresses on the floor in the bedroom. Hehehe can you imagine that? Well 2 years ago, that kind of setting made it easier for us to clean the house and maintain cleanliness. Now we have a sala set, our tv is on a pedestal, our mattresses are on beds complete with bedposts, more than 2 monobloc chairs, computers and paraphernalia, etc etc. ARGH! It's not as easy as we thought.

After a week without a maid, we gave up. Tita lorna was kind enough to find a maid for us. Unfortunately ate Pamela lasted only a week. She said that she applied for work before tita lorns told her about us and last Friday, the company called to tell her that she's hired. Comparing jobs between a maid and a clerk, of course she'd go with the clerkship since it will give her at least minimum wage. Ate Pamela left yesterday so now we're back with no maid. Our parents will visit us on Tuesday and will stay for a week here in Manila. Mama said she'd help out with the housework while they're here. Thank goodness! That's one week. We've decided to take it a week at a time. Now we just need to worry next week.

In the mean time in game, Rafi and I reached rank 6. It took a while but we finally completed the requirements for Zi Ya and now i'm the proud owner of a Zi Ya. Imagine that? A dream weapon that i never thought we would be able to complete but it's not a dream anymore. It's now mine. I stopped with getting dark signs during our heaven runs. We've decided to let Rafi get to rank 8 first before me. After all i'm not interested with the rank 7 ring. I'm more interested with the rank 7 armor but the required level to wear it is still 99. Too far for me yet. Rafi wants the rank 7 ring so we're pushing for him to get to rank 7 then rank 8.

We've finally decided to get our HOH. I went with diabolic while Rafi went with sublime. Why? 1) Rafi is sublime so I should be diabolic so we can still list all the quests down. Actually he said he went with sublime since i went with diabolic. Fact is we chose to be opposites in our HOH. 2) I am a chant addict. I know i need more def and more HP since the monsters we kill almost always change targets and attack me instead of rafi. But i'm even thinking of resetting my stats to 3 con and put everything to int. Be a pure int-chant fa shih. Hehehe. My present chant is -41% chanting. Hopefully to get higher next time.

We finished our recent event, exiled's anniversary scavenger hunt with a bang. It was a success but as usual we were not able to please everyone. I even got a mail saying he/she was disappointed in us for letting Exiled use us to fool the Tiger Server. The winners of the event were mostly members of Exiled (4/5 members of the party). The 2nd placers were not members of exiled but people kept using the world chat saying those people were the 2nd characters of Exiled members, to which the 2nd placers denied it of course. The person who emailed me said that next time sponsors should not join the events. I had to agree on that one. The sponsor of the event was TheDoctor, who sponsored it for his clan Exiled's anniversary. He didn't join the event. Actually the event mechanics and the items to bring were my ideas. Rafi edited it and I submitted the mechanics to TheDoctor for perusal. For the items TheDoctor said it would be my discretion so I even changed some items just before we started the event. So basically only I know what was in the final lists. The event was not "luto" as many kept saying. It was an event created for the Tiger server as a celebration of the clan. They should be happy with it.

Ok ok I need to list everything down. What i should do with my time. (or lack of it). I updated the site after a long time of being stagnant. I'm planning to do the frost drops soon. The fashion in a later date. The skill simulator soon… i have to do something about it. Since the present simulator doesn't reflect the real info in game.

Let's see:
7:00 am: Wake up and exercise
7:30 am: Cook breakfast and clean my room
8:00 am: Go online, do quests, du heng, du ruo, etc etc.
12:00 nn: Do my entrecard drops
1:00 pm: Get ready for school
1:30 pm - 9 pm: School
9:00 pm: Update site 1
10:00 pm: Update site 2
11:00 pm: Surf, vend, browse, do articles, etc etc time, get ready for bed
12:00 mn: Sleep

Heheheh now.. when can i start doing this?

Oct 25, 2008

Current fame: 32494

With the new patch, the exchange rate of gold to yuan surged. As in it went as high as 3500 / gold. Ouch!
I'm thinking if we should add another section for the drop rates.. Haay.

Oct 21, 2008

Current fame: 32087

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!! We've released the moon valley info just this morning. ^_^

8 pm
Gutom na ako. Tagal ni achie dumating. dapat kakain kami sa labas e. huhuhu.

Oct 10, 2008

Current fame: 30548

It's almost moon valley patch. Rafi and I are updating the site for the moon valley weapons and equipment. Hopefully we can finish it by today. I'm already sleepy. Goodnight.

Sept 30, 2008

Haaay. A sweet time to reflect on our anniversary. I love you honey.

We've already talked about my incoming birthday event and now we've posted it. Check out Janelh birthday (i know i know it should have an apostrophe and s on it).

At long last a new pwtribune! Hahaha! I've been experimenting on its look so basically it took me a long time before writing the actual articles. Rafi's articles were already done while i dallied for hours and hours. Hehehe. peace honey.

Sept 28, 2008

A day before our anniversary. I love you honey. Time for a new tribune i guess. Naging monthly tuloy ahahaha

Sept 22, 2008

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! WE WON!!!!

So what did we win? Oh nothing much. Just the Philippine Blog Awards: Gaming Blog of the year!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Anyway this is what happened. Some weeks back, Level up announced that they are going to sponsor an award at the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 for the best gaming blog. I nominated my friend emmsy's blog and i forgot all about the blog awards. I am actually planning to join next year but not for this site. My other site

Last night mel from level up texted me asking if i'm going to the awards night at 1escaplade. I said no, why should i go? He said i was one of the 8 finalists of the best gaming blog. I was like "WHAT? WEH!" I didn't expect it. We don't have any inkling that we were nominated much less be one of the finalists. After saying we can't go, my cellphon battery went dead. From 7 pm since he texted me until our end of shift, rafi and I can't concentrate at work and we kept checking google for the winners.

As soon as I got home, i checked the website but there's still no update. This morning I pmed mel in YM asking who won. He said THIS SITE WON!!!!!!!!! Woophee!!! Bring out the dancing elephants! Open the champagnes! Hahaha

Mama dha said that as soon as Rafi woke up, he also opened the philippine blog awards site and he shouted. Mama dha said all of them at their house were celebrating. Hahaha. I called my mother up and told her the news. She was happy for me and said it looks like gaming is really my passion even though she and papa already cautioned and stopped and lectured and were (still are) against gaming. Hahaha. Imagine that? She accepting the fact that i love gaming.

Our prizes? P3,000.00 and P2,000 worth of load + trophy. I'm going to drop by LU's office this friday and get the prizes. I can't wait!

Sept 19, 2008

Current Fame:28429
Belated happy birthday to mama!!!

Only a few more fame to go before rank 6. WEEEEE!!!!!! No updates on the site for the past weeks. Too busy with everything. Haaay!!!

Sept 12, 2008

Current Fame:26838
I wonder when we can reach rank 6. We're both level 89 now and we still haven't decided between heaven or hell esteems. I don't think people get our theme of the week. I guess back to the original plans.

Sept 8, 2008

Current Fame:26838

I removed the latest update in the main page. I always forget to edit it anyway since i'm always doing spot editing anytime for this site. As long as we're not delayed in the screenshot contest and the TW scheds, we're still doing fine.

Sept 4, 2008

Current Fame:25738

Talk about panic. Whew!
We finished the pwtribune and announced it in game, Dragon server. After that i got flooded with PMs. The dusk equipment link was not working. Someone asked me if the site got hacked. I checked it and saw it as plain "fold woot". I quickly made a conference and invited rafi and ray. We all checked our data but didn't find anything out of the ordinary. No changes made in that page. Rafi thought that it could be because of a comment with some html in it or something. I said that could be possible since all the recent comments and the forums were trashed. Ray said it could be a script of wikidot. Well wonders and wonders… after a few minutes, the page works again. We didn't do anything so ray's deduction is correct. I just hope it wont happen again. Panic mode.

On the good note, we finally completed the hard to get items for our level 90 weapons. Heheh too early i know since we're only at level 88 right now. But it pays to be prepared right?

We just need to get to rank 6 ASAP.

Aug 31, 2008

I don't update the first page anymore. Well just these recent days anyway. So what did we do then?
• Skill simulator - edited it
• Rare beasts - edited coords of the Battle bear, it seems that the previous coords was for the fox ninetails.
• Clan listings - updated it. Whew!
• TW scheds - of course
Now we should really update the tribune. No cause to do it otherwise.

Aug 26, 2008

Three whole days without any update. Wapak! We celebrated the birthday of the twins and as it is, no site updating nor leveling (not even duruo. huhuhu). Part of me enjoyed the reprieve but of course another part of me kept thinking i should update the site more.

Anyway i just got home today. I stayed at Rafi's place for 2 days. So i'm sorry if i wasn't able to update the entries of the screenshot contest and everything else about this site.

I will remedy that right now. Although the pwtribune will have to wait. We don't want to rush it again.

Aug 23, 2008

1st and foremost, i want to greet my love Arfael_ and his twin †Chi† a happy birthday!

2nd, i want to thank all the people who joined his birthday celebration event. It was a great success! Special thanks to his sponsors Ray, Drew and JL.

Now my reactions.

I didn't know how badly affected i would be in this contest. Some people didn't read the rules properly while some misunderstood them completely. I don't know if it was because of my wordings or did we not explain the rules to the tee. Many issues were raised and some players (both who joined and didn't join but are curious about the event) kept asking us about what's next and time check and stuffs. I was especially irritated by the fact that every time i use the worldchat, someone will surely pm me about their prizes, 5k fame, how the lucky star event failed, to please ban this person or that person, to give them yuan for free, curses to me. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT.



On the side note although not quite irritating however somewhat amusing, people also kept PMing me "happy birthday kuya", "kuya when's the next event?". "kuya janelh ang ganda po ng site nyo", etc etc. I like the part where they were supporting us. I don't like the part that i was being called KUYA. I am a girl. I may be chubby and i may act like a boy but i am still a girl. People sometimes call me jane. Is Jane a guy's name? No. So come on! I really don't need a sex exchange just to be called 'ate' because i certainly am not a boy.

Lastly, i love the positive reactions. Yeah yeah my ears are flapping from the compliments right now. I know we've been remiss with the site updates. We're busy and i am not sure what should be done with the site gen quests, fashion, etc since we only base this site from our experience. We're still at level 88. That's why to hear words of thanks from people mean a lot to me. To us.

Thanks to ray and my honey arfael for building this site with me.

Aug 18, 2008

Current fame: 24592

Just our luck. Rafi's monitor wont power up anymore. Haay.. talk about bad luck.

Aug 17, 2008

Current fame: 24592

Haaay. So busy. I got many emails regarding site suggestions and comments. Actually we've been planning to do some major update on this site for sometime now. We just didn't get around in doing it due to our busy schedule.

We are now in WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! We look so fat. Amf! Is that a skinny jeans i'm wearing? Goodness i don't wear skinny jeans yet on that site, it looks like i'm wearing one. Huhuhu. Rafi said his tummy looks huge. I can't react. Hahaha. My love handles are showing around my waist. Anyway, our pictures don't show our flattering sides. :D

We also started a personal site. Visit | Rags to Riches in the Cyberworld. Hehehe. We want to learn how to earn online. It can be a supplement to our real life income or eventually (hopefully) it can be a substitute to our real life salaries. It is still missing some information but i did my best in editing the wordpress theme to look like how i'd want it to look. This site was done in almost 2 days. Not bad if i may say so myself. After all, we're just newbie bloggers.

It has been 1 1/2 weeks ago since we updated the pwtribune. So many things happened in such a short time. Both in game and out of it. Hopefully we can talk about the news and happenings in game. Haay i sure wish there would be tiger and serpent regular contributors. It's hard trying to get news about those servers especially since we hail from dragon.

After a 3 day hiatus from ds hunting, we still managed to get reach our 8ds/day quota or 440 fame/week. This week we got to 24592 compared to 24027 fame last week. Still a difference of 565 fame. Not bad at all.

1 pm
We finished (actually not yet since i'm planning to add some articles more) the tribune around 7 am. Meaning we got 6 hours of sleep.

Aug 13, 2008

Current fame: 24493

I'm still sleepy.

Aug 12, 2008

Current fame: 24284

Today is my cousin's birthday. I just want to greet him: Happy bday kuya jo.

Our party resumed our ds hunting this morning. We were able to finish clearing up the heaven dungeon (not killing the bosses) in about 2 1/2 hours. Got 39 ds in total. Huhuhu. Not within quota but at least we added some fame and we were able to get the 8 ds/day.

1 pm
I was doing the headless general lone warrior quest when rafi went online. He joined me and well now i have 24284 fame while he has 24283 fame. Yeba. 257 fame in 1 day. Not bad.

Aug 11, 2008

Current fame: 24027
Ok i was wrong. I wasn't ok. I went to work and well… basically i wasn't able to function well. Darn this flu. I just got home and i'm currently doing my duruo quests. We calculated the number of DS we need to collect to get to rank 6 before the end of this year. Approximately 8 ds/day/person (give or take a few number)..

I want to watch lea salonga's cinderalla. The only time we can do that is also on Aug 22. Huhuhu.

Aug 10, 2008

Current fame: 24027

After 2 days of bedrest, i think i am better now. Rafi and I did our quests for level 88 this morning. We were able to finish them in around 1 1/2 hours. Goodness. I got killed 4 times. I think doing my quests give me negative experience points and not increasing it. Darn wind snipers. They are too close to each other AND their damage are pure physical. Not good for my fashih.

Aug 8, 2008

Current fame 24k.

I'm sick. Kanina pa umaapoy ang noo ko. Nahihilo ako. Nasusuka ako. Parang tinutusok ang ulo ko.

Aug 6, 2008

Done! We finally posted the tribune. Talk about 3 days late. Hahaha. I neeeeeeddd to sleep. Rafi's monitor is acting up. He said that the monitor image looked like a screwed up TV screen. The left half of the image should be on the right half of the screen. Lol. He also mentioned something about needing to replace his keyboard. Problems arising with the letters T and W.

I asked Rafi to upgrade my ring -6% a while ago. I am so envious of his crafting ability. Huhuhu. There i was.. i used up around 3k gold to craft a good level 88 matk ring. The best i came up with was a -3% chant ring. He crafted 10 pcs, got measly 1 star rings and a 2 star -6% chant ring. Shems! Talk about good luck. All his crafted lin yun rings have +6 con, ring of inner demon power has +8 int, JHD has the max stats, and even his non-molded accessories have good stats. Huhuhu! Why can't i craft something like that? Yes i do envy his character's crafting capability. But i don't really envy the items because he's crafting the items for me and his love ones.

I love you honey.

Aug 5, 2008

9:43 am
Unfortunately i had to sleep early due to my 7 am class. I didn't know if rafi was able to finish anything. He's still sleeping and i don't have a heart to wake him up. He did promise that he'll do the duruo quest of all our characters.

Aug 4, 2008

Rafi is so full of surprises. We were talking about finishing the tribune as soon as we get home so after our shift, we boarded the bus and i fully expected him to stay there when the bus stops at my stop. Hahaha you can imagine my surprise when he also got off the bus after me. It seems he planned it all along. He made me think that he was going home.

Aug 3, 2008

It's time for the tribune again. Rafi said we're going to do it as soon as he gets here. No such luck. He's tired so i guess i'll just let him sleep. I was experimenting with a personal site and i created my imagined website facade. One step at a time. I will make that website happen.

I went to LU last friday. We were informed about some future stuffs that needs input from ordinary players. I can really say i'm an ordinary player because i can't relate much to the topic. Clans. I hoped i was able to help.

July 30, 2008

Maybe i should've told rafi to go online at 9:30 am. Naah he needs his rest.

Yesterday we were tweaking with the site and i mentioned to him that we should do something to attract their attention to his bday celebration event. Since i was already experimenting with the stripe ad in our test site, i thought it would be a good idea to try it now here. At least those who will go directly to the dusk equipment page or other pages and not pass by the main site, they would still know that we have an event for his birthday. Unfortunately i can't seem to adjust the height. Argh! Maybe i'm doing something wrong, in any case i will have to make do with this since i can't use javascript in this site except for the allowed scripts wikidot already pre-made.

Shiobe said she submitted her entry last week. I know now i should have mailed her back regarding her entry but i really thought she was just testing the form. Her screenshot looks beautiful. Oh well too late to do anything about it.

Rafi and I need to talk more about his (and meng's) birthday event. It seems many people are asking if they can submit only 4 names or 3 names or regarding the level requirements. It may be true that high levels can dish out more damage than low level ones. But i really believe low level ones can beat even higher level rivals. Just looking at rafi vs other people in duels. Anyway we're going to talk about their concerns soon. For now i have to prepare coz i still need to go to work in a few hours.

July 29, 2008


July 28, 2008

We tried to choose the winner of the screenshot contest but since only rafi and i were awake at 2 am, we had to wait for another person to be the tie breaker. So this morning, after choosing the winner of the contest, we picked the new theme.

Rafi surprised me the other day. We didn't go to DJ's birthday party so rafi said he's going home. I asked him to sleep at my house so we can do the tribune together. He said he can't come coz if he will, we won't be able to finish the tribune. Then 12 midnight someone knocked on my door. Hahaha. Rafi. I had to punch him. I really thought he meant what he said about not coming here. Well he was right. We didn't finish the tribune that night. My beautiful niece was using the PC (i let her because i thought rafi wasn't coming anymore) and she doesn't want to give it to him. When we tried to trick her by saying we're going to sleep so she needs to turn off the pc and sleep with her mom, she wasn't tricked. She turned the pc off all right. But she also turned off the light and squeezed in between us. Hahaha we had no choice but to really sleep. It's a good thing we were able to finish the pwtribune in the morning.

Yesterday at work we were talking about a new event that we came up with a long time ago. We initially wanted it for August but rafi said it's too early. After weighing our options yesterday, we decided to push forward with August 22. Rafi and Meng's birthday falls on August 23 and it will be like a birthday celebration for both of them. We hope more people will decide to sponsor it. So without much further ado.. welcome to the 5 to win event. ^_^

July 26, 2008

Just got back home from shangrila. We watched japanese anime film showing for free. Yesterday rafi and I went the game heroes pictorial in LU. I met some of the present guildmates of my ex guildmates in RO. We met some members of Exiled (tiger). I can't believe janefer is a guy. Worth remembering. We checked out the site of the gameheroes and woah.. we're going to have wallpapers of ourselves!? Nice! I'm going to download that as soon as it is shown. IF it is shown at all. After leaving the LU office, we watched the dark knight. Heath Ledger was sooo great. I can't believe joker can be that bad until he portrayed him.

Today is DJ's bday. He texted me this afternoon asking if we can go to metrowalk at 8 pm to celebrate with him and the Lotus boys. Coincidentally my high school classmate also texted me asking if we can meet in metrowalk this afternoon too. I can't come to metrowalk right now so i had to say my apologies to my highschool mate. Tonight i have to ask rafi first. I can't go home alone kasi.

I left my PC on while ~Janelh~ was vending yesterday. I was trying to sell 30 pcs of hoh tablets. Nobody wants to buy at 800k so i sold some of them at 750k and others at 700k. Then my char got disconnected. I don't know what time. Huhuhu

Tonight we really need to start the tribune since we missed last week's volume. I guess i can start now. :D

Well rafi said we can go but it's too late now since DJ texted me and said most people are already leaving. Probably next time.

July 23, 2008

Mod exp? eheheh Drop exp? We got 2 lin yun rings in one day. How's that? One for meng and one for rafi.

I still don't get it! I already changed the ripway success and fail msgs! So how come it still shows account locked in ripway. Darn it! What is being access?

We went to heaven dungeon yesterday. After being wiped out a couple of times. Joanne called it quits. Meng kept challenging me, cess and rafi to duels because he's using the 2 lin yun rings. Lolz. I beat him because joanne kept healing me.

July 21, 2008

When i first open my mailbox, i was stunned for a few secs coz i saw 105 unread mails. When i finally got around to looking at the senders, i realized many of the emails come from the same people. One sender said that i am getting a RIPWAY msg bandwidth exceeded error. I replied back saying i will fix the issue because as far as i know i already changed most of my external files being hosted by ripway to this site so the uptime will be the same.

Now i just logged in to my ripway account and check the reason why my site is still accessing my ripway account. I found out the culprit. The error and success msgs are still located in ripway so whenever someone sends a message using the form, whether it's successful or not, ripway will show the bandwidth exceeded comment. I changed that so by now everything should be working perfectly.

We were not able to post the tribune yesterday. Too tired. I was asking rafi if we mentioned anything about posting the tribune in a weekly basis. Although we didn't mention that it's a Perfect World Weekly Tribune, i think most people have known that by now. We're truly sorry for that but we also have our real lives to think about and for one.. we were busy finishing up something else after the event that we had no time left for the tribune. Hopefully we'll be able to finish it today.

July 19, 2008

ARGH! Talk about total insanity. Darn it! LU's timing shook me off. Ray PMed me just now. He said that there's a modified exp rate and that will mess up our event. Rafi mentioned something about exp yesterday morning but i took his comment in stride. I was already late for school and i didn't think much about what he said. This incoming contest of ours took many weeks to test. It took us sometime to pick out the date of this event since there was a continuous string of modified exp just before the frost patch. Now when we're good and ready, LU suddenly announced a modified exp. Yeah i like the fact that this exp is a nice boost for our ds/tablet hunting but why does it have to be this week!? Huhuhu!

I had no choice but to increase the level cap of the event. Ray suggested level 12 since the exp mod is just 1.5x. Since the contestants are going to check out the site later, they will definitely see the change i made.

10:34 pm
After 2 1/2 hours, our event is finally finished. I can't believe it took that long to level up to 12 with modified experience. There are many ways to level up fast in this game. You can use craft leveling (serpent winner), use grinding (tiger winner), use questing (dragon winner), leeching or partying with other gamers. We can't monitor all players so it really depends on how they handled their characters.

FLIP talked to me after the event. He was asking about his suggestion. He suggested that we put a level ranking for each server so that high level players will have something to look forward to. I told him that i will suggest that to Ray and Rafi this week. After all we just finished our event. I wonder if it was successful.

July 18, 2008

I realized something. My internet acts up only at nights. I left my pc open before lunch and came back around 6 pm i think. Viola! No disconnection whatsoever. Only i sold nothing in my vend shop. Poor me. Maybe i should lower down my prices. Hehehe.

I know i should update this site. Rafi said i should try leveling up my character (in tiger or serpent) but i also didn't. I also thought i should write the articles for the next tribune but i wanted to wait for rafi (ok that's just an excuse). In the end i just slept, watched tv (half-heartedly), and read some tagalog pocketbooks i borrowed from our neighbor's yaya. I wanted to do something without having to think that i'm only doing it because of a deadline. So i ended up doing nothing. Lolz. A much welcome relief. But i have to face facts. I also have homeworks due tomorrow and i really need to finish them. No more excuses.

July 17, 2008

I got hate mails coming from people saying the screenshot winner that we chose wasn't a blooper. I showed the mails to Rafi and we're sticking with our winner. The screenshot was a spontaneous image that was hilarious and ironic at the same time. We're having a hard time thinking of new themes for the screenshot contest. The last theme was just inspired by sleep. I was asking rafi for suggestions since i was already tired and sleepy. When we were saying "sweet dreams" to each other. I suddenly asked if we can use that as our theme. He laughed and said ok.

The other day we tried hunting in heaven dungeon for tablets. We changed our goal in game. From ds hunting to tablet hunting. If ever we get DS in heaven dungeon, that would just be bonus for us. In that round we got around 30 ds i think. Not bad considering the rates are lower than before. It took us around 2 1/2 hours. We got 5 tablets.

Right now we're hunting during mornings and not at night like we used to. I get sleepy at 2 am now and i can't seem to stay up longer. Darn! Talk about body clocks.

July 14, 2008

Rafi was able to finish the comics today. I slept around 2 am. I wonder what's happening with my body clock. My body can function well even with just 4 hours of sleep before but now i get sleepy when i miss my 7-8 hours of sleep. Must've something to do with the summer vacation. Dang!

We chose the winner for the screenshot contest. Heheh it made us laugh and it was really a blooper.

July 13, 2008

Ecatomb is finish with the skill simulator ph version. He still didn't include the new skills. I wonder if he found the exact translations in the file that i sent him. I asked him if he needs the new skill tree images and hopefully he will respond.

Last night rafi came to our house so we can work on the tribune. Unfortunately i fall asleep at approximately 1 am and rafi slept at 4 am. Thus we were not able to finish it at dawn today. It's ok. We're almost done with it. Only the comics part is missing. Hopefully we get that done by tom.

July 11, 2008

2:40 pm
I knew we forgot to do something this morning. I was right. We forgot to post the tw schedules of each server. Hahaha. It's a good thing there was no TW scheduled for this morning, otherwise we're screwed. Anyway i already updated the schedules of Dragon, Tiger and Serpent servers.

I was reading my mails a while ago and someone named Gem mailed me about advertising in the site. Erk Rafi and I haven't discussed that to each other so i don't know what to reply. I'm going to email rafi about it though. Hopefully we can email something in reply.

July 10, 2008

I rushed the tw scores and results of TW the other day. Hopefully i didn't make any mistake. Yesterday rafi and i was supposed to hunt in frost city. Well we started to hunt but since i lack sleep, i was already sleepy. We decided to call it a day at 1 am and i slept early.

Today, rafi bought the JHD from drew. Now we just need my equipment. His equips are almost complete. We're going to hunt for the materials of my future equips. No ds hunting anymore. Huhuhu. What of rank 6 then? Huhuhu

Valinaire asked our help against EPD. After that she asked help with TG. We got 12 ds in around 1 hour or so. Back to normal? We hope so. If ever, we're going back to ds hunting.

July 7, 2008

Got a surprise in my mailbox today. I received 2 emails. 1 from ecatomb and the other from robsoft. The first one really surprised me. I never expected him to this site since this is not as famous as his site… much less contact me about updates regarding the skill simulator. The latter emailed me about the new pwdatabase about the information of the pw malaysia. I saw ecatomb's new skill simulator and wow it's really nice. It can fit nicely into a website with a 1024-768 resolution.

After replying to both of them, we selected last week's winner of the SSoTW. Talk about hard themes. We're really having a hard time thinking of a new theme every week. LOL.

I gave my word before that the scores and tw results will be posted every monday afternoon. Since my day offs have changed, i may not get to post it on Mondays anymore. I changed the post dates into Tuesdays. At least i have a break in between my classes then.

Time for me to sleep. Good night!

July 6, 2008

Yesterday, i was able to finish all materials needed for the frost equipment. I also put up a link for the new event level up. I updated the server clans dragon, tiger and serpent, i posted the new accepted entries in the screenshot contest and i answered some queries both on the site and in my email. Whew!

Since having different day offs, rafi and i only see each other 3 days/week. That's why we plan to watch a movie later before shift. So we have to finish the PW tribune volume 7 by 2 am today. Right now it's 12:30 am.

Ok it is now 2:45 am. We're almost finished with the tribune. Rafi is doing the last article right now. Hehehe he's the perfectionist between the two of us. I wrote 2 small articles while he wrote two long ones AND he created the comics. Almost there. We're done by 3 am. I hope.

July 4, 2008

2:13 am
I was a bit under the weather yesterday. I had time on my hands to update the site but for some reason i didn't like visiting this site much. Withdrawal syndrome? I turned on the TV, i browsed for some movies on the net, i checked my mails. I didn't know what I was looking for. I still don't.

Anyway, right now i think i'm back to normal. I met Rafi at work yesterday. I told him what happened in the last few days. Even though i always meet him at night (online), it kinda feels better telling him face to face the problems and successes that i experience. He's a good listener and he never gets angry. I actually wondered how he expresses his anger. I asked him how. He just smiled.

I'm waiting for Rafi to get online. He should be by now but he's still not here. Maybe someone is still using the PC. In the meantime, i guess i'll be updating the TW scheds.

July 2, 2008

Got an email yesterday, a message from one of the visitors of the site. She/He was giving comments about the recently concluded SSoTW winner. I read and re-read it a couple of times. I know she/he was angry but kudos to her/him for being professional about it. It was unlike other comments i've heard in game and out of it where people just throw snide remarks at each other. Anyway, i replied to his/her email. I hope i also showed professionalism just like what she/he showed.

We finished our level 87 quests this morning. Drew was suggesting we try going to the heaven dungeon since we haven't tried it yet and for him to get the tablets needed for the skills. It was past 3 am when we finished the quests and i had to sleep so we weren't able to continue with the dungeon run.

I read about Perfect World Beijing getting IP E-games to publish their game Zhu Xian. I wonder why LU didn't get the deal. After all LU is the one publishing their first game Perfect World. Speculations keep running in my mind. Drew thinks he's in love with Zhu xian now instead of Aion online. I haven't heard of Aion online so i can't compare the two.

July 1, 2008

To the general public: Due to the changes in my work schedule, i was unable to post the tw scores and tw results yesterday. I forgot that it was Monday yesterday. >_<

We tried out frost city yesterday. We didn't get far since we only used the Frost gate.

I read in pwboards that the tablet for the new skills are dropped by mobs in hell and heaven dungeons as well as in dusk dungeon. Wow! Bad side for WX with 4 masteries. They can't activate all skills.

June 30, 2008

I went online to do the daily duruo quest. I was alt tabbing while waiting for the 10 minutes expiration when someone PMed me. He was asking when we're going to post the screenshot contest winner. Considering that we can post the winner anytime during this day (up to 8 pm), to say i was surprised by the question is an understatement. First, i didn't even know people are actually waiting to know who the winner will be. Second, i didn't even know that someone would recognize me in game and ask me about things. We are kinda low profile. Since i was already collecting the entries and Rafi was already looking at them, we were actually ready to pick the winner. I invited Ray since he's really a part of the team now and not just a contributor (hmm.. i should change the About us profiles again. Hahaha all three of us voted the same pictures in our top 3 list. It was easy to see who will win but what surprised us was the fact that last week's winner is also this week's winner. Talk about good pictures.

I wasn't able to blog what happened yesterday. Rafi went to my place and used my sister's pc to update the tribune. We were able to rush it in time for us to leave the house and go to work. Unfortunately since it was done in a haste, rafi wasn't able to post the comics and i wasn't able to post Dei's pic. We're going to do that today.

My day offs at work changed. I now have fri-sat free. Rafi still has tue-wed as his offs. T_T Meaning we only meet 3 times a week now. I'm going to miss him already. It was our monthsary yesterday after all.

June 28, 2008

1 More day til our 9th monthsary. I was reading at the pwboards and i just read that there are new skills in the skill tree which prompted me to check it out. It looks like these skills are the one researched by Ray. I compared them and Ray's info are correct. I also read that a YJ currently has one of the skills mentioned above. Made me think if it is possible to get that in our current version of PW.

The furnaces in UC provided me with some insight regarding the items needed to get the skills. I was thinking "Darn! I'm missing something here." I checked where to get that one item and i found out it can be gotten from the god's valley. It confused me because i thought the next dungeon would be holy moon valley. Are they similar? NO! I realized that because the entry points are different. The holy moon valley dungeon should be the next patch then the rubiks cube patch. So where is the god's valley dungeon? I checked with the japanese and chinese sites. Compared them. Found out i needed all complete classes WX, FS, YJ, YL, YS, YM with their levels not far from each other. They have to be in one party to get the quest to enter the said dungeon. This dungeon drops the last material needed for the new skill books. I went to the NPC for that dungeon and it might be possible that this dungeon is already active. So… I need a fashih and a YM in the levels 70-85 range to test it out. We have a YS - rafi, YL - me, YJ - cess, WX - meng… OR we need to wait until cess, meng and joanne reach level 86 to test it out. That way we'll have WX - rafi, FS - me, YM - meng, YJ -cess, YL - joanne.. ARGH still missing a YS! Somebody help me!

Rafi got only 3hours of sleep and he's quite sleepy so instead of doing something with the upcoming tribune or updating anything in the site or doing the frost city run.. we decided to pass this day without doing anything. Sleep. That's just what the doctor ordered. I need my share of it.

Good night people.

June 27, 2008

I went to Serpent to check the TW sched and what do you know..? The first person i see using world chat is CocoLven. I pmed him right away and he consented for a clan interview. WEEEEEE after days of trying to reach him. I finally got to speak with him by accident. So i interviewed him and his members. I requested an image to put in the article and hopefully by this weekend, `Sedah` can send me one.

Our plans of checking out frost city went down the drain. Hahaha. My interview of Dei ended later than i expected. When i logged back in Dragon, we met a Yao shou who shared her story about how she was almost scammed. I listened and wow! Her story fits the last article about avoiding scams. I will definitely include it in the tribune this coming Sunday.

Wow! We have many potential articles this sunday. WEEE!!!!!!!!

June 26, 2008

Ok.. there seems to be many things included in this patch. Maybe i should list it down and make that the main article for this coming sunday's pwtribune.
Let's see…
Pharmacist - all crafting
New NPC beside auctioneer, south dc banker, UC - craft books and dsq and kokey style
Gen Xia Feng quest
Wolf Cub quest item
Padlock and banker storage
changed filtered words

I wonder what else? Oh yeah. Drop rate seems lower than usual. Squares in skill books. i need to check more info in pwboards…

5:42 am
We got married today. Ray asked if Rafi and I are going to join in the LU contest. Well.. we want to but we have no money. I called reg (our officemate) if she is selling level up cards. Unfortunately she doesn't have any stock available. I pmed ate rins if she has level up cards but she said she already converted her gold into yuans. In the end Rafi went out at 4 am O_o to buy for our loads. Rafi announced in the world chat that we're getting married. What do you know? Many people showed up to watch us tie the knot. As in different people from known and unknown clans. Check out our screenies of our wedding.

Muah! Although we fall 3 days short of our monthsary honey. Oh well, we still have Rafiel and Janelh.

June 25, 2008

Wow! Talk about new things! Even the pharmacist has something new to offer. Lots of it! The pills previously only accessible thru the castellans can now be crafted via the ordinary pharmacist. I dunno if it's just a bug or permanent.

At long last i was able to enter the Frost City dungeon. My 2 characters were stuck and i wasn't able to do anything. I used Janelh to go to the frost city but i got disconnected and so when i tried logging back in, frost city still has the maximum number of instances. So i used ~Janelh~ but it ended up the same way. At least now my characters are unstuck.

4 am
YES! Done with the frost equipment!!!!
Now i can sleep. I'll probably update the materials needed in the next few days.

June 24, 2008

8:34 pm
Ok we didn't expect this. Hahaha. Frost City patch at long last!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Yesterday rafi and i decided that since Ray basically helped us with updating and maintaining the site since the dusk patch began, we might as well include him in the main site. So we changed the images and included him. Heheh this time we also included our Yuling and Yao shou. Lolz Rafi looks BIG as a yao shou. I look so small and delicate as a Yu ling. I like the image on the right better. I look so mature as a fashih. I don't look like a baby but as someone who can take charge. Love it.

I already replaced my monitor! We went to comstar this afternoon and had my weird monitor replaced. Now we just need to post the frost city info. Scroll already asked me if we have the stats. We do but since we still don't know the names, we still can't release these info yet. I tried to go to frost city but IT IS CURRENTLY FULL!!!!!! Darn it! I told Son that we're going to update the site by tonight. So please please please let me in frost city.

We found some new information inside the game too. There is a padlock now beside each character status. The immortal in game keeps shouting that it is there to prevent hacking of accounts. So… how does one activate it? I was able to discover how by accident. I locked my character and then i was logged off (intermittent dsl) and when i tried to use the 'forced login' option, the system said "Account is locked" or something like that. I had to wait i think 5 mins before i can log into my character again.

Rafi likes the Raptor and wants to buy one. Haay.. i like the deer but there's no deer. T_T There's an elephant though but i guess i'll stick with my polar bear. Hmm… swimsuits are now being sold in the item mall. Looks like the value of those items will really go down. Hehehe good for me but bad for those hoarding them. Lolz. I still don't know what new fashion i want to buy. I think i'll stick with my current fashion. After all i already have clothes so why should i need new ones? Looks like the future banker will hold more items for us. Although it is still not implemented. Woots. I'll update the future patch later.

I made a big booboo while updating the site. I accidentally erased dusk fists. It's a good thing wikidot made back ups. Even though my last back up was 58 days ago. It is still good enough for me. After posting everything for frost, i will make a new back up. Darn new item mall information and new fashion again. Shems too many things to update. I know i can do this!

10:52 pm
Ok, i updated the future patch. Finished the marriage system and dragon balls. I need to finish the item mall and we need to finish frost items today. Ray is sooo frustrated. He downloaded the manual patch twice and the patch was corrupted both times. Rafi saw something nice about the patch. All eggs are now worth 1 yuan each. WHAHAHAH!!!! Too bad for tamebots.

June 23, 2008

Talk about late. After the blackout yesterday, we weren't able to finish the tribune and post it on time. The power was restored but somehow our momentum was lost. Today i posted the TW results and tw scores… but we still haven't posted the tribune. DARN! Actually it's already in the Vol 5 area but it is still not in the main tribune page. Reason? We're still missing a few articles.

At least there's no classes today and i hope to finish all the necessary things today.

Yey! Posted the tribune at last. It has been one rough weekend. Blackouts and intermittent dsl connection. Argh. We weren't able to do any DS hunting at all. Our net keeps getting disconnected every 10 mins. How can you do anything with that kind of connection? We decided to watch TV instead of facing the PC and get irritated.

Now at least we're done. It's been 2 hours since our last disconnection. I hope this continues on.

June 22, 2008

3:47 am
It's sunday again. We're preparing to release the 5th issue of the pwtribune. Rafi is here at my house. Hahaha at 1 am, our barangay captain used the megaphone and shouted that 'signal number 3 na po sa ating lugar.' Does he really need to tell us THAT at 1 in the morning? I am teaching Rafi how to create animated gifs using photoplus. He's currently using an online website to create the animated gifs of our comics buknoy and co.

A few days ago, Mel from level up mailed me saying rafi's article is now posted in the new level up portal page. I went to check it out and what do you know? It is there! Even the auto signature of my email is included. Hehehe. Just Perfect. Bring out the gamer in you. That's the signature of my outbound mail.

I was hoping that we can hunt DS today. I guess that can't be done. We still need to polish our articles for this week's tribune. Oh well.. time to go back to writing.

June 18, 2008

It started yesterday. We tried to hunt in the Devildom. Hahaha We don't know where the bosses were and the 1st boss we encountered was the dragon (that looked like a butcher by the way). After 10 mins of not doing any damage since he keeps sucking our life from us, we ran away from him. The next boss we encountered was the one that looked like the headless general. This one's easy. The last boss Behemoth. Now that's something to remember. Rafi almost killed it (1/25 life remaining) unfortunately it changed target to Joanne so with no yuling, we were wiped out. Hehehe! Joanne gave up so back to TG for us.

June 17, 2008

OH MY GOSH! It's already tuesday! I forgot to post the tw scores.

June 16, 2008

Good thing i am comparing my calculations of the tw scores with the official scores coming from LU. I just noticed now that i didn't credit Celestials last week with the defense of a major town (Beast City). I corrected it and will be posted the tw score of June 15 in a little while.

We already chose the winner of the screenshot of the week. Looks like not many people understood the theme last week as only 13 entries were qualified. Too bad there were too many disqualified entries. Not my fault i guess since i reply to the emails they used (when they submitted their entry) if their entry was missing something.

This week our officemate Ghia gave us the theme. Hahaha it took her a while to think of a title. We thought she already gave up but then after an hour, she said "alam ko na!" I guess she can't concentrate on what she's doing since that thing was bothering her. Lolz.

June 15, 2008

Because of the fact that we don't go online in pwboards as often as before, getting some scoops for rumors in of weisabaw is getting harder and harder. Like in today's issue of pwtribune, i admit that weisabaw is not predicting anything at all. Not even a tiny bit of speculation. He's merely commenting on facts. How boring.

Anyway, i finished posting the 4th issue of the tribune. Last week we realized that people do know that we release the tribune every sunday. Site stats show that we have peak visitors in the tribune each sunday. After that it dwindles down. We are now thinking of something to make people be excited about visiting the site any day of the week. If you guys have any suggestion, please drop me a message. Thanks!

I really miss the drop rate. Last week we got 1k fame in 1 day. Today we have barely 250 fame. When can we reach rank 6?

I went online in Serpent server and read Cocolven's reply. He said i should pm him in game. I wonder what time he goes online. I am only available after 12 midnight and i'm afraid that most people are already sleeping by then. Speaking of sleep. It's now 8:38 am and time for me to go to sleep too. Night night people of the world.

June 14, 2008

On the way home from work, Rafi and I were discussing about the articles we're going to include tom for pwtribune. We still needed 1 article so we kinda decided upon a clan feature. We were torn between 2 clans. Since we still don't know the outcome of this week's TW, we decided to wait. Since i always get home earlier than Rafi, i immediately went online to Serpent server. What do you know? Dei has conquered the 1st major town (Dream Port). I'm from the Dragon server so i don't know any member of Dei much less the master. I was hoping to set up an on-the-spot interview to some Dei officials and members so when i saw eM, the Dei marshal in feather city, i immediately PMed him. I wasn't really prepared so i really don't know how to start. I think he was thinking that it was some kind of a joke so i started again and I introduced myself. He then told me to PM their master and then passed me off to another clan member. He said he needed to go. Ok so I PMed JuMonG. I was hoping to get Dei's history and to get some clan official or member names so I can interview them too. Unfortunately, this guy was hard to talk to. I asked him if he can give me the name of their officers, he said no because it's confidential. I understand clan confidentiality especially if you don't know if the person is a spy or something but I saw eM and his status shows Marshal, CocoLven's status is Master. So basically that info is not really confidential since their status are under their names. I told him that. JuMonG said he still can't say anything about his clan because it's confidential. Ok… you can now understand my frustration. I asked when will his master be online. He said Cocolven is online 24/7. I asked when will his master be online as a person and not afk. He said he doesn't have any idea. Ok at that point I gave up. I said my thanks and I went back to Dragon. Rafi was already online. I narrated what happened and Rafi suggested i try mailing the clanmaster. So I went back to Serpent again and mailed the clanmaster. Hopefully he'll respond to my mail. I guess there will be no featured clan for this week. Oh well, i guess i have to come up with another topic for the last article.

At Dragon, Jhaemie pmed me and said she read this blog. She asked if i'm ok now. I really have no choice actually. Whether or not i'm ok, i have to get up and go to work and do some other stuffs. But yeah i guess i'm back to my old self. We chatted for a while. I remember her because she entered in one of the previous screenshot contest. It's nice to know that some people are actually reading what i'm writing about my life. According to the site stats, my blog gets 5-20 (max) visitors a day with people staying here for an average of 2 minutes. Considering i visit this blog for around 20 mins or so each day, how many minutes would be left for the other visitors? Is the time left enough to say that those visitors actually read my blog?

June 13, 2008

As you can all see, it has been days since the last major update on this site. Level up just announced that the patch has been moved again. Heheheh so much for the May patch. At least we can still hope for a June wedding. Not that we're going to marry in real life yet.

I can move about now and i think my stomach pains are gone (for good i hope). You'd think i would've updated this site more these past few days since i'm kinda bedridden.. but nope. All i wanted to do was to watch TV or sleep. Even with the pending frost city update looming over my head, i still can't concentrate on the site.

Anyway, that phase is gone now. Rafi even commented that i am all excited about frost city again. Hehehe i am. It's hard trying to translate chinese websites but i think i get the gist of it. Let's hope i'm right when the patch comes.

Rafi and I went ds hunting with our friends as usual. We can really feel the normal drop rates as compared to the modified drop rates. In one round we got 50 ds last week but now we only got 24 ds and that's stretching it coz we took 2 long paths to get to lin yun. Darn i wish they extended the drop rate and not the yuan rate. Haaay. Wishful thinking i know. Rafi suggested we take 2 rounds but the 2 girls have classes and we, on the other hand, have to update the tw scheds. So we said our goodbyes and finished the update on the site.

June 10, 2008

I'm sick. Rafi and I were supposed to do some ds hunting today but at 3 am, my stomach started doing flip flops and i get spasms which really hurt. At 9 am, Rafi bought me some kremil S and i was able to get some sleep. I still can't believe it. 6 hours of tossing and turning because of my stomach. This afternoon, Rafi took me to the clinic for a check up. I was already crying due to the pain. The doctor gave me some medicine and told me i have UTI and he said that's the culprit. Part of me really wants to believe him but another part of me keeps saying I was food-poisoned again. You see, this is not the first time i have experienced this. But in my previous experiences, i always end up in the hospital with a dextrose on my arm.

As soon as we got home, Rafi told me i should get some sleep and not to go online anymore. I tried to follow his advice. I took some shut-eye but my body clock recognizes the fact that it's not my sleeping time yet so I woke up. Now i can't seem to get some sleep so i decided to update this blog. I wont go online in game. Rafi would be really angry if i do.

It's a good thing that the stomach spasms come in a certain interval now. I wish it would be gone soon but i guess i have to be happy coz it's not continuous anymore.

June 8, 2008

9:20 am
I just finished posting the 3rd volume of pwtribune. I really hope people will like it as we've put so much effort in creating this.

Yesterday when we were talking about what we're going to do today, Rafi said we should not hunt coz we need to update the tribune and we need to select the screenshot of the week winner. When i got home and checked on the site, i saw the timer and realized that the screenshot of the week event ends today and not yesterday. Hahaha so we got to do 1 round of ds hunting before updating the tribune.

After logging off the game, i clicked on my yahoo messenger. Darn! For some reason I can't login so i had to use e-buddy. Rafi went online (while waiting for me to connect at YM) and killed some soulless attacking dream port. When i joined him, i found out there's no one else there. After a while, a yuling and a yao jing also joined in the fray. Hehehe it was fun. Rafi said next time we're going to kill those soulless again during dawn when everyone else is asleep.

June 7, 2008

A few days before school… I wonder how it will affect PW. I suggested to Rafi that we do that one as our main article for this coming pwtribune. There are many factors including the open beta of Cabal here in the Philippines. I guess i wont include that anymore but i can mention it in passing.

Hahaha because of the modified drop rate, Rafi and I are trying to do 2 rounds of ds hunting. :D We're trying to kill the mobs quickly and the opposite is happening. Mobs are killing us. ahahaha. In our 1st round, we got wiped out twice. In our 2nd round, Joanne got killed thrice, party was wiped out twice too. But we got 101 ds each in those 2 rounds. 1010 fame each weeeeee….

Before i logged off, someone asked me why this website is so lag. I can't answer. There are many factors.. 1) Laggy internet connection, 2) too many scripts of wikidot running, 3) too many images that needs loading, 4) large images « this i have to work on, and many other stuffs. Oh well…

June 6, 2008

WOW! Looks like my entry for yesterday wasn't saved properly. Well ok.. to recap on what happened since june 3. I wasn't able to add any entry last june 4 but i distinctly remembered putting an entry yesterday. Oh well.. i remember my firefox browser made an error and had to close down. I guess my entry wasn't saved after all.

I was able to fix the file sharing thingy so my sister's 2nd pc can get online with PW too. Rafi tried it out and other than the lag since i was downloading something in my pc, he said playing in that PC was fine. With all the excitement of getting that PC to work, rafi and i were not able to do any updates nor DS hunting.

Yesterday we found out from Ray that the patch has been moved again (another week) and there will be a modified drop instead for this week so instead of doing the updates for the frost city patch, we decided to hunt instead. Our goal of becoming rank 6 should be attained before getting to level 89. Today i was feeling a little bit under the weather but after taking Restolax i felt somewhat better and we were able to hunt again. WoW! We got 60 DS in 1 run. Very nice! I love this modified drop week. Frost city update can wait. Hehehe we are going to maximize our "being players" and not just "being site updaters". After updating the TW scheds, i checked on my mail to see if anyone wanted to contribute any article for the pwtribune.

The pwtribune is a weekly newsletter regarding perfect world and everything about it. It is something we came up not only for players of the Philippine server but also for all servers in other countries. Although the terms like 'yuans' are for Ph-pw, most articles are applicable to any country.

Yey! we have 2 new articles. Huiniz of LianMeng submitted one regarding his clan and Valinaire submitted another article this time about equipment. Although we might need to edit and polish some words in both articles, we wont change the essence of what they want to say.

We were supposed to submit an article to mel last Wednesday, I was in the office and since it was Rafi's day off, i asked him to submit the article. We were communicating via email and he was able to submit it… but he didn't cc the article to kuya kevin. He also didn't mention that he was the one who wrote the article. Oh well we hope to do better next week.

June 3, 2008

Rafi and I went to PC options to upgrade the video card of my younger sister's other pc (she has 2). I even texted Chagatai to ask what is the needed minimum requirement for PW to run. I brought ching's PC so they can install the video card and at the same time i looked for a brand new surplus monitor (since mine got busted some days back). Unfortunately we weren't so lucky. The monitor i bought was fine when we tested it there but when we put it up here at home, there's a huge mark on the left side that wasn't there before. I can't install PW on ching's PC because the CD rom is not working. I can't seem to make the local area connection work between the 3 PCs so i can use the file sharing thingy. ARGH! I guess we need to go back to that compstar shop next week. Huhuhu we have to bring the huge monitor and that heavy PC back.

June 2, 2008

I love my honey so much. Ang sipag pa nya. I still need to finish and update many things and Rafi knows this so after we judged the winner of the screenshot contest, he completed the materials for the holy equipment to help me while I update the tw results. Rafi wants to mention that he really likes the screenshot made by Aethereal


but it looks like it's not an image for the theme "Remembering my sorrow". Last week's SSoTW garnered the most entries we have so far. You can view last week's entries in the archives. Rafi is using Aetherial's image right now as his wallpaper. I love this image too but majority won and that the chosen winner is Kuro's image.

Ray said that many people are asking about the frost city information. Darn it! >_< Hahaha i too want to know when we can post it. Lolz. We're waiting for the frost city patch so we can compare the names so until then i can't say when we will post the frost city info.

June 1, 2008

My gash! It's already 8 am and i still haven't taken any sleep. I just finished posting the 2nd volume of PWtribune. I hope people like it. We didn't do any ds hunting or quests today to make sure we can release this issue on a weekly basis.

I was actually thinking of putting the score update in the tribune but i eventually decided against it. The tribune is welcome to any player even for the international server (malaysia) because it holds information about perfect world in general. If in case we do put some information about the Philippines, it just goes to show that this site still caters mostly for the Ph version. Nevertheless i will try to maintain the Ph-strict articles to a minimum.

I logged in the game today to do the duruo quests and one villa quest so i can catch up with rafi's exp. When i got to Volume 15 where i needed to speak with the ironsmith down by the sunset plateau, I saw the yao jing bot named any i reported in pwboards. I guess these bots are still rampant in the game. So i looked around and what do you know.. i saw many yao jing bots. [hny, any, keeep, POKWER, pass, gnny, BDf]. Correct me if i'm wrong but i tried to talk to all of them but they didn't answer. They didn't mind if someone else tries to kill steal the monster they're killing. They didn't mind if you shout bot. They just do the repetitive movements of killing, healing, looting and selling. Mind you all the ground bots look alike and all the flying bots look alike too. Talk about being monotonous. I wish the GMs do something about it.

I already reported some of them and i will report the new ones too. Good thing i took screenshots.

May 31, 2008

Rafi's character Arfael_ has 8% more exp than my character ~Janelh~ so while waiting for him to get home, i did one round of villa quest. After a long time of not doing it, i am not familiar with the volumes and their corresponding NPCs anymore. After submitting that quest and duruo's crazy stone quest, i finally leveled up to 86. Rafi leveled up yesterday. So today instead of ds hunting, we decided to do our general quests for level 86. Good thing too because Cess, our usual YJ partymate, went to sleep early when her dungeon party with Meng ended. Joanne, our usual YL partymate, decided to update her friendster and what nots. We even forgot to ask her for buffs before she logged off. >_< It's a good thing Rafi and I encountered kaNne (yuling) during our quest and asked her for buffs. I actually wanted to ask her something regarding fashion since she's a fashion addict. I already started with the flash version but i can't continue because i have no idea what tops can be worn with gloves for female fashion. She helped me with most images by modeling the fashion items for me so I am definite that she can help me with that dilemma. And she was able to answer my question. Thanks kaNne for helping me.

After doing our quests, we decided to log off the game. Rafi told me about a thread in pwboards regarding tamebots. It seems PW is getting infested with bots. I'm afraid of that. After losing the battle against bots in RO, i was hoping PW will be bot-free. Well i guess if i can't have this, the next best thing would be having an active GM or GMs in game. I reported the suspected bots (any and hny) that we saw in sunset plateau while researching for the NPCs we're going to use for the amazing race event. Hopefully the GMs will check on those yao jings.

I know i have many things that i should update in the site including fashion, skill, frost city (which was delayed), holy equipment materials, tribune volume 2, and other stuffs. But everything i go online here, i don't seem to know where i should start. Haaay… I better finish the holy equipment material first. Oh well. Consider that done today.

Speaking of frost city, LUG admitted that the patch is delayed. Hurray! Additional pogi point for them. ^_^ This is the transparency that i am hoping from from our game publishers. Thanks for being honest.

May 30, 2008

Rafi said we shouldn't hunt for ds today coz we have to update the site regarding the tw schedule. I told him we always update this every friday and monday so why cant we hunt? So we went for 1 round of ds hunting and then updated the tw scheds.

When i logged in at past 12 midnight, i saw my character was in icebound land. I forgot i teleported to frost city yesterday because i wanted to get a clear screenshot of the dungeon entrance. After a few seconds i saw a Yao Shou exiting the "entrance" that way. He said that he always go there when he's going to sleep. I guess that's nice because it was such a tranquil space.

Anyway we have already finished updating the site for today.
We got one mold, black maul, in our dungeon run a while ago…
We're sleepy and i love you so much honey

May 29, 2008

WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you honey. Today is our 8th monthsary dear readers. Hahaha he made a new character in game. I logged in to my level 7 Wu Xia so i can greet him first when the clock strikes 12 midnight. Unfortunately i think we both thought the same thing so we were not able to pm each other. lolz. I won. I was able to greet him first when he logged in YM (i was invisible online). Hehehe.

After doing our duruo rounds, i started thinking about frost city so i went to the fairystone at DC south. Then on impulse i clicked the holy-moon valley. I got transported to the chessvalley buddha statue. When i looked about, i saw an NPC with a gold shield on his head meaning there's a quest for me from him. I don't remember missing any quest so i asked rafi to come and see if he also has that untaken quest. He has. It seems that the Dusk Palace patch also included some new quests. Darn! Now my general quest guides on the left panel are incomplete. I clicked on Find Quest and what do you know.. we do have 1 NPC looking for us. He's in beiping. WHAT!? i thought we were finished will all level 85 quests! Rafi said this NPC was not looking for us before.. probably came with the new patch he said. We went to the NPC and it's about couples. Ok.. is that a hint about the incoming marriage patch or did we really just miss it before?

It's now 3:00 am and we can't do our ds hunt anymore so we decided to update something here. Rafi decided to write new articles, i think i'm going to do the skills first, then holy equipment, then fashion then frost city. Or frost city before fashion. Oh well updating the blog first….

I love you hon.

May 28, 2008

3:10 am
About this time yesterday when i also blogged here. Rafi, Cess, Meng, Joanne and I went ds hunting. We started yesterday evening when cess and meng were both at a computer shop. Then it rained so they had to leave. Meng went back to the shop with their brother Ow and we continued our ds hunting. We stopped just now after 3 rounds of ds hunting. We got 2 molds, captain leg guards and cuirass of the pirate king. Unfortunately we don't have any use for these items. We're thinking now if i should craft it or sell it.

There's an exp mod in perfect world right now and it will end in June. Players are now clamoring for the new patch. I can't really blame them because GM Chagatai said the new patch will come out during the month of May. May is ending and i really doubt they'll activate the new patch with this mod exp on.

Am I a good writer? I know i write all the time but are my words coherent? Do they have continuity? Erol (my former guildmate in RO and a good friend in real life) PMed me in YM and we chatted for a bit. I mentioned that i don't have any portfolio or writings to show how good (or bad) i am. Erol reminded me that i was the former loki seige commentator before JM and the rest. I was that but i think i only narrated who attacked whom and i didn't tell the background story. Right now the writer in this site is Rafi, i am the researcher. Look at his work — > story of the dragon. My only published article was in, away sa mga relihiyon. Check it out if you want.

May 27, 2008

3:20 am
It has been some time ago since we last played our characters in game except for the occasional duruo. We don't do the villa quest anymore so we are still at level 85 (main chars) and 80 (new chars). Yesterday i awarded the 10m yuan to Yan at serpent server. Goodness! He and his partymates are level 89 and even 90sh already.

I thought people would know by now that this is NOT a hacksite. Everytime i shout something in game, i still receive the occasional "hacksite" comment. Ray asked me if we're going to update the site about the frost city now. >_< I can't really give exact dates since i want to level up too.

Anyway about the reactions of people… i received a mail from a player named Sylvia asking me if we are going to update the dungeon maps. I asked what kind of update. Sylvia said it would really help if we put the locations of the bosses, the locations of orders in DV and other info like that. Hm.. we can do that actually.. i guess i need to update my list of things to do.

Hershey™ pmed me regarding the metal leopard pet. I told her i have no idea but i can research on that. According to robsoft database, there are 2 metal leopards. 1 has no attribute and not tame-able, the other has a metal attribute and tame-able. The one in in Dew mountain is supposed to be tame-able according to the japanese and chinese sites databases. Which is weird because that leopard has no attribute hence not-tame-able. I have no idea where the other metal leopard is so i assume that the metal leopard pet exists only in PW and not in PW2. That's the info i gave Hershey™

May 26, 2008

As soon as i got home, i checked the entries for the amazing race. We have our winners now and i'll probably use world chat around after lunch. I already awarded the winners of the Tiger server. So far the other servers are having a hard time.

I posted the tw results and will post the scores later. It's now 6 am and i'm very sleepy.

I mailed our entry of the match made in heaven category. I hope they like it.

Ray and Rafi both suggested the same thing about the main site but with different uses. I'll start on it after i get a good night's sleep.

I awarded all the prizes for the amazing race. I wish they would give feedbacks but knowing people, they wont. People like to complain but they don't provide feedback or suggestions. I have learned this while growing up. For example, botting in game. People don't like bots to proliferate. They complain about bots in game and they even post the screenshots in the boards. But when GMs asked them to file tickets, they lose their resolve. People complain that GMs don't do their jobs and catch the hackers, scammers, botters, etc. But when GMs ask the players to provide the evidence (since they can't be online 24/7), the players shut up.

Anyway i wasn't able to update any new information but i discovered something new today. ^_^ We can change the layout of the site. WEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I already changed the default page and now they can choose to go to the pwtribune or to the main site directly. Ray even provided a Maharot site. Ahahaha. This is so nice!

This provides the GREAT solution to the problem that rafi and I have been experiencing with regards to the site info. ^_^ YEY!!!

May 25, 2008


Haay.. I know i shouldn't use vernacular words so that most people can understand me but i can't help but express what i really feel.

I know i made this site to provide information to players. I started out with compiling the guides that i can see on the web. I give credits when i get the info from them. Eventually we researched and put up our own guides too. Now i see our work and guides in a forum of a private server without giving us credit for it. Initially they hotlinked the images, i changed the images but do they care? NO! They just copy the new images again.

Sometimes i think.. what if i edit the site such that i will also put the names according to the international version of the game. That would bring in more visitors but that would also bring in more thieves. The bad part is… i recognize some of the players who copy and don't give credits. Why are you doing this?

I made Ray a site moderator today. Rafi agreed. We are increasingly grateful for all the help Ray has been giving us. I'm almost finish with the clues for all the pitstops in the amazing race event later. Rafi is almost done with the holy-equipment information. Ray is busy looking into additional modules we can add in the site. Hopefully by next week all of our rushing and dashing and whatnots are finish. Or maybe not since we're going to work on frost city information starting next week. >_<

May 24, 2008

I was looking at the pwboards and i saw there's a new admin SamHok. He's new and he kinda reminds me of GM Asche before. Active and asking for inputs from players. I wish he'd be the same after a few months from now.

Nice news for me because GM Chagatai already posted the latest tw score tally sheet and it looks like the my tally coincides with theirs. :D Yey no more editing the past scores for me.

I finished the weapons for the holy equipment and i asked rafi to finish the armors as i'm doing something as of the moment. Ray already finished the molds area and it looks good. He said he found a way to make the dark images from the dragon city furnace looks like the lighter images of the actual molds.

Bad news for us. Rafi's day off from work change. So instead of sunday-monday, he's now having tuesday-wednesday offs, posing a problem for our may 25 amazing race event. I guess we're going to rely on his twin to announce to all servers the start of the game. It's a good thing we plan to check the winners on monday. That's my off and i can check and announce on monday who the winners are.

Posted the first episode of main. We hope people like it.

May 23, 2008

Wow! 3 days since i last updated the site. Goodness gracious! We lost our dialtone at home and of course that also removed the dsl. I've been calling up globelines. They told me that a tech will come last Wednesday before 3 pm so i stayed home and didn't go to work. Lolz.. for all the good that did me. The tech didn't come and their supervisor Rey didn't even call me. He promised he will.

Anyway at least now my internet is back and i can update. :D Although right now i'm in rafi's house because we planned that i go here whether my net is back or not.

I just finished uploading the holy-bows and holy-mystics. 2 days without net and i have 110 emails waiting. More if i count the spam/junk mails. We sorted them out and to answer the mail regarding the updates on holy equipment, yes we're doing that right now (and in the next few days). Unfortunately we can't update during office hours anymore. Our IT department locked out all external ip addresses and the only websites that open now are the IP addresses allowed by the company. Darn!

It's Friday again and time to update the tw scheds. I think i'll ask rafi to do it. i'll take over later. ^^

May 20, 2008

While traveling around the map last night, Rafi invited AyameAida into our party. She's already level 79 and requested that we put the guides for 80-89 up. I told her we can't since we're still at level 85. I said i can post the guides til level 85 but beyond that.. well we need to wait. I wonder if someone else is writing those quests down. I sure could use some help. I just finished posting the guides for levels 80-85.

May 19, 2008

The other day in the office, Rafi called my attention to a post made by a PW forumer, yeshannge. The poster was saying that Rafi's post was malicious and he should not be storybaby because he doesn't know the clans' objectives thus he wouldn't be able to give an honest to goodness story about dragon server in the story of the dragon.

To give a background, Story of the Dragon is a fan fiction in the Dragon's Lair in pwboards. It is the story of what could be happening in each territorial war of the server. After Storyman quit, Rafi continued the story. Rafi said he wanted to contact Storyman so he'll know how to proceed with the story. I don't know if he was able to contact him or not. The post that the forumer mentioned was regarding the issue of Celestial giving one of their lands to SALAWAYUN, Rafi said:

Heheh, parang China lang tayo ah, Celestials decides who gets the lands and who doesn't.
So why SALAWAYUN binigyan ng lupa out of all possible clans na deserving? Is it a balance kung namimili ka ng candidate? Parang tyranny ba gusto ng Celes? Meaning equal lahat ng 'supposedly' deserving clans na magka lupa, pero paalisin nila ung ayaw nila?

Having someone deciding on the outcome can never be called a balance, it's a masked dictatorship hidden behind that so called "balance". Rise and decline lang meron [Mahado post], wag niyo mashado i-glorify ung "balancing" the map.

Lumalabas kasi na HOL ung "arch-villain" dahil sa dami ng lupa nila and Celes ang tagapagligtas. HOL deserved to have all those lands during their golden age, pinaghirapan nila un.

To which yeshangge said:

So there! U should Not be the storybaby…u seemed to have some grudged over could u make an honest to goodness story about dragon server if you can't understand and accept what Celestial and other clans objective/purpose and explanations. Actually Celestial and SALAWAYUN need not explain, but due to your malicious post, One need to answer.

Rafi replied that his post was an opinion and not a malicious comment. Besides we do not belong to any clan so there would be no reason for him to have any grudge against Celestial. I could see Rafi was deeply affected by that post targeting his ability as a storyteller, him being storybaby. Rafi waited for yeshannge to reply that day but he/she didn't reply. I was browsing the forum today when i noticed the much-awaited reply. Basically he's saying that the post was malicious because it was providing wrong information to readers.

Out of the many people who commented regarding the oh-my-gulay-sawa-na-akong-topic "balance" in dragon server, i have no idea why yeshannge singled out rafi's opinions. I rarely join in the clan topics, gossips, going ons, what-nots and other hula-baloos the territorial war might bring to the clans but each of us have our own opinion regarding things. Freedom of speech can give different meanings to a same word. In this case, the word "balance" is subjective. Besides, how can this "balance" topic affect rafi's capability as storybaby? Is it because it will cloud his storytelling and could shed one clan in a darker manner? Just like what joel made out in the article of Game Magazine wherein the Guardians (tiger server) is the protagonist and all other clans sounded like antagonists. Fat chance of that happening. Like i mentioned, we don't belong to any clan at all so we don't have any reason to side with any clan. Sure we have many friends in Lotus since most of my ex-RO friends are there but then again we now have friends in different clans since we started playing this game.

I can't help but feel defensive. I know how Rafi felt the other day and i know how he will react to this post when he reads it. I posted my first ever post in that thread that has no connection whatsoever to invitation to this site. So far my previous posts in that thread are just invitations to check out this site, the tw scores and the TW scheds.

I wonder how rafi and yeshannge would react to my VERY long post.

8:00 pm
We just finished choosing and awarding the winner for the week. 5 of us judged the winner and majority wins so we have another dragon server entry for our winner. I already posted the new theme after much debate with rafi regarding the title.

Gosh beating a deadline i set for myself is hard! Well i already posted the holy equipment for the holy swords, holy spears, holy fists and holy axes. The other stuffs are soon to follow. Actually if you check the links for the mystics and bows and even the molds, the information are there already. We are just polishing the tables and the images. So in a sense, i made my deadline.

Right now rafi and i are selecting the pitstops for our incoming amazing race contest. After choosing the 29 pistops, i'm going to incorporate the clues. I'll do that within this week.

May 18, 2008

Are we really "mabait (kind)"?

I was doing my usual Du Ruo quest and upgrading level 1 stones at the Alchemist (while waiting for Rafi to get home) so basically i had nothing to do while waiting for the upgraded stones. So there i was… bored. I decided to read the main chat window and read the happenings at DC west. My attention was caught by two names shouting for help with thunder ox and EPD. Rafi and I like to boss hunt even if the bosses are not dungeon token bosses. We just want to find out what level can we beat a certain boss. So far our list for our characters' combo:
@ Level 29 - killed Pao chi and Yang Sheng
@ Level 39 - killed hades ox king with a partymate (level 45 yuling)
@ Level 40 - killed nameless corpse
@ Level 42 - killed hades tiger king
@ Level 49 - killed 3 champions
@ Level 55 - killed great sea dragon, armored lion king and hades lion king, bloodwolf king
@ Level 56 - killed Elite purple dragon, draco snake king and qin tomb general with a partymate (level 46 yuling)
@ Level 64 - killed SSK with a partymate (yuling)
@ Level 70 - killed Death Eye Sentry
@ Level 73 - killed SG bosses with partymates (level 69 yuling and level 45 yao jing)
@ Level 75 - killed TG bosses with partymates (level 71 yuling and level 54 yao jing)

I almost killed SSK at level 61 with him less than 1/4 of his life unfortunately i pressed the wrong button in the f-keys. Instead of feather arrows, i pressed flight. So down i go and SSK was able to kill me. It was so frustrating because we spent 30 mins with SSK just to fail. So we asked for help from Suing, using the character Sylar, and Zam to help us with SSK. I still remember Sylar's name was very red so Suing asked Zam to guard him just in case someone tries to PK him.

Anyway back at DC West. Rafi went online just as i was finished with my upgrading. I saw the two names still popping at my chat screen, one was saying "ayaw nya. wag na nga tara na (he/she doesnt want to. Never mind let's go). ". So i asked Rafi if he's interested in doing boss hunt. Of course he's ok with it. So i asked one of the players if they still need help and then I invited both of them in our party. One Fashih named rham and one wuxia named gwapoto. Hehehe reminded me of our early wuxia and fashih days wherein we were also asking for help from our friends. After killing thunder ox, EPD and hades tiger king, I invited them to visit our site. I haven't mentioned our site's name but rham said something like, "kayo po ba yung janelh ng janelh.wikidot? (are you janelh of janelh.wikidot?)". Rafi confirmed it. So we again invited both of them to visit the site and join our events. Woah! Our website precedes our names. My in game name is Janelh but i am getting the idea that people just think that my name and this site are total coincidences and not related to each other. Hmm.. oh well. At least we can still remain anonymous in game.

Before leaving the party, rham and gwapoto thanked us again and said mabait kami (we're kind). I can't count the number of times i was called madamot(selfish) for not healing nor buffing some players. I can't count the number of times i regret not able to assist some of the players asking for help. I can't count the number of times i turned down requests of some players asking to be resurrected. But i can certainly count the number of people who thanked us and praised us for being kind and helpful. Just goes to show it is not easy to thank someone… and it is by far easier to hurt someone. Sad fact but true.

Rafi said we are kind. We are kind because we help people willingly and not just players who have dungeon tokens. We are kind because we care for the players and their enjoyment of the game that's why we want to share our knowledge about the game. We are kind and i should never have doubts everytime someone tells me i'm madamot(selfish) if i was not able to help.

Sometimes i just need someone to remind me that. Thanks honey i love you.

May 17, 2008

I removed my monitor and I put my sister's monitor on my pc table. For the first time in how many days we were able to finish 1 round of ds hunting. Darn! Hahaha i must be losing my touch. I keep forgetting how low my life is and i how easy melee monsters can kill my fashih. I think i died around 4 times or so.

Ray showed us his test page and i must admit it really wowed us. It's just bad that wikidot doesn't allow css behavior (htc url), i can really use it to polish the transparency of PNG images not to mention the dynamic html hover format.

Think think think.. i can think of something eventually. I always do. ^_^

8:00 pm

Got an email today asking us if we're going to add the molds and holy equipment. We've been planning that for a long time. We have the information but we don't have the time yet. Rafi said i should reply and mention when we're going to post those info so i replied and said we're going to post them on or before Monday. At least we now have a deadline for ourselves.

I made some "drastic" changes in the side bar. I realized if i'm going to create another area for the frost city patch, the item database area would be useless. So i moved all the stories under features > story, the dusk-palace-bosses under monsters, dusk guide under features > guides, equipment and materials under item database. They are items after all. To put it further, i already put other names on the side bar so i can see the links of the information that i'm still not posting.

We received 3 entries today regarding the screenshot of the week but unfortunately, 2 of them doesn't have any information on what server they are from. I am already writing down the accepted entries at the right part of the screenshot contest page. That way people will know if we have received their valid entry or not.

May 16, 2008

Today didn't start well. I got home, turned on my pc as usual, and BAM! my pc system made a popping noise and went off. Smoke came out of it so i pulled off my extension cord out of the electrical socket. Thank goodness it is just the monitor and not the CPU. Thank goodness also because we have 4 pcs here at home (3 desktops, 1 laptop) and i am now using my younger sister's pc monitor. It just looks weird coz the monitor is on the the other table and i'm actually looking sideways while i'm writing this entry.

Darn! Oh well.. i have 2 choices, 1) buy a new monitor (2nd hand worth P1,500 approximately), 2) take my monitor to the repair shop (could be costly).

We tried to DS hunt after i moved the keyboard and mouse to my sister's table but I am really uncomfortable with looking sideways with the keyboard and monitor on top of the same table. My keyboard is normally lower . We stopped and we decided to call it a day and just update the TW scheds. I can't wait for Monday so we can go out and buy a new 2nd hand monitor (kinda redundant).

May 15, 2008

Not our lucky day at all. I wasn't able to update anything. Rafi doesn't have any internet connection at home. Mine is very intermittent. It goes off every 5 mins or so. I started taking screenshots of fashion items and even got kaNne to model them but with the frequent disconnections i got, i decided to go to sleep early.

May 14, 2008

Valinaire posted in the feedback form of our previous event that she wanted a fashion show event. Unfortunately that is one event that we can not do at the moment. I can't say if we can hold that in the future. She also wanted to add info regarding fashion. Actually that is already in my list to do and i already started the pages for the fashion but i'm not releasing the pages yet because i was planning to incorporate it the future look of the site.

I have just finished editing the item mall and the dye guide areas to include the new set of fashions in PW ph.

Got a mail from JuVenile™ today telling me that the calling of the fox status affects MP and not HP. Rafi said that's true, i updated it. Ty.

I'm looking thru the frost equips and holy valley equips and it looks like both of those dungeons have equipment that can be broken down into molds of better equipment. We're planning something new for next week and hopefully we can translate some of the incoming equipment soon.

Browsing at different forums, i always see my rank equipment link in their suggested websites but after someone posts that link, somebody will always respond with "how can i increase my fame/reputation points?". So i edited the rank equipment area to include the answer to that question. Hopefully it will encourage people to check other pages in this site.

May 13, 2008

HAAAYYYZZZZ after 10 long years (exag) i was able to finish writing down serpent clans. I can't get a hold of their logos and if they are really active or not. Thank goodness for those who submitted their clan infos as i was able to get them without any hassle. The dye names are also being altered and will be posted before the end of this day.

Hm… I am thinking of something about the names but i'll probably do something about it in the near future depending on what will happen to this site.

May 12, 2008

12:30 am
I realized it has been a while ago since i last used the Auctioneer. Most of the time it would just be Rafi who would do ingot trading if we needed yuan in our quests. I normally don't check the auctioneer because it's kinda hard to find what i need even though i know how to navigate the options there. Dealing with squares [][][] instead of real names can be quite frustrating.

I didn't know that with the Dusk Palace patch, most names of the items in the auctioneer are now named properly (goodbye squares). Nice! I edited the names of the potions in the consumables, flight, mount and i am also going to change the dye names. :D Right now.. time to ds hunt.

Now with the Auctioneer here, here's my simple to do list. I wonder when all these will be finished.

Needs to update
Here is a place for your title Click me to edit ! false

Darn it! Ok so i did some image swapping but it looks like even my new images are hotlinked from me again. ARGH! Oh well, imageswap again…

8:45 pm
Heheh we were able to post the winner and the next theme of the screenshot contest before 9 pm. I posted the TW results and tw scores before we went out (for a date supposedly lolz) this afternoon. Rafi and I went to a meeting and hopefully something will come out of it soon.

May 11, 2008

I discovered something today. Image hotlinking. Actually i have already known this issue before. But today i found out that someone copied the exact source code of some of this site's pages. Since i don't have access to the wikidot's htaccess file, i did the next best thing i could think of.. image swapping. i put this image


in all of the images that were copied. Rafi said it would take me all night to do that since there are many images that i would need to manually change. Personally i don't care if it would take me hours to finish it. At least it would teach those people not to eat up my bandwidth with their hotlinking. I'll probably let that stay for a couple of days until they notice it. Then i would switch to plan b —> redirecting.

Hey, it's ok for me if they get information from my site. After all i put this up to provide info to players of perfect world. BUT they should think twice in getting the images from my site without uploading the images to another host. Ouch bandwidth. What is imageshack, photobucket and other free image hosting sites for? Hey they can even upload the same images in friendster for all i care. Just don't use up my bandwidth. >_< I'm done now. Let's wait and see what will happen in the next few days.

Ray pmed me awhile back regarding putting back the search within the wiki option. I removed that because i like the look of the google search not to mention people can use it to search google itself. Bad side about it is it opens in a new window. If you are using firefox (like what i recommend), it will open in a new tab. So ray said i should put the google search box in all pages if i would want to keep it this way. He's right. Hehehe ok i completed it. Except for some pages.. the google search box can now be seen in almost every page in this site. I tried putting it on the side bar so it would be easier, but it seems not possible.

May 10, 2008

Rafi and I were talking about the feedbacks we got from the bring me event. Most of the feedback were suggesting either a trivia/quiz event or an amazing race event. I originally suggested the amazing race event to him but we can't come up with any way of letting many people join the event. I had suggested that there will be teams and in each stop, they will get a crafted item from us as proof that they reached that certain pitstop. Unfortunately that will require sooo much time not to mention only a few people will get to join it. After a bit of brain-racking and debating (believe me.. we argued so much about how we're going to let many people join the game), we came up with a solution that will let many people join the game.

Right now.. i'm still thinking of what possible obstacles we could get in doing this event. Darn.. Oh well, i guess we'll just have to wait for people to make their comments.

May 9, 2008

We partied for DS hunting in TG. At around 3 am, my head started to nod.. Rafi said we should stop and i should go to sleep. I told him i still can't go to sleep coz i have to update the TW schedules. He volunteered to do all 3 servers and he said he's going to do the dusk bows chart that should've been completed many days ago. Hahaha he even said that if he wasn't able to finish all of those things, i should not speak to him anymore (lolz as if i can do that). Anyway, i checked the site this morning and wow.. he really made good to his promise. ^_^

Thanks honey. I love you.

May 8, 2008

We tried to DS hunt in Demon Land this morning. We're just going to check the drop rate of the DS. Hehehe as usual i wanted to try the monster for myself so without waiting for the rest, i attacked one monster. Woah! Let's see the damages to me: 1st damage 2k, 2nd damage 1.5k = dead fashih. So there i was, lying lifeless in the cold floor of demonland. Rafi invited Ray and he resurrected me. Rafi also invited someone named Ramar. We chatted for a while then Rafi kicked both of them so we can resume our DS hunting. By then joanne and cess got to demonland the long way (can't use the fairystone yet). Cess is not our usual partymate for ds hunting but i think either martin quitted or semi-quitted already.

After getting around 5 ds, i told rafi that i'm sleepy. We called it a day and then we decided that demon land is not yet for us. Tomorrow we'll go back to TG. Besides, we still don't have any lin yun's ring.

Yehey! I was able to finish the hall of dusk history. I hope some people can appreciate it. I will do the Frost City history next. ^_^

I'm reading through the websites regarding the Frost City patch and it looks like this patch contains not only the Frost City but also the Holy God's Valley. I don't know if i'm correct but every site that i go, they have put the 2 dungeons under one category unlike the hall of dusk which is in a category on its own.

Rafi called my attention to the thread in the pwboards regarding the future patch page that i created. People should be aware that this patch is really in the far future as it is still pending (was supposed to be out last april 29 but they decided to postphone the opening of the whole patch) in china and japan.

I also noticed GM Chagatai mentioned that he already knows the discrepancies in week 2 but due to time constraints, will update the images next week. I do hope so.

10:42 pm
I'm done posting the history of the frost city. Rafi said we should find out more about the new equipment. We saw new equipment information but we still can't fathom if those equipment came from quests or like the dusk palace, they are craftable. I will research on that eventually.. dunno when.

May 7, 2008

We changed the facade of this blog. It looks nicer now if i say so myself. Rafi said someone suggested we put the molds and their stats in this site too. Actually we already planned on doing that. But with all the hulabaloo on dusk palace, we were not able to do it earlier. Probably within this week or next week. Ray mentioned that we should also put up a dusk quest guide. O_o Shucks… we don't even hunt there. Up to know, Rafi and I are still DS hunting so we can get to rank 6 before level 89. But we went to the dusk palace this morning. We stopped after a while coz it was boring us. Yeah i know, to each his own but we can't help but feel bored. We don't have a goal there right now unlike our goal regarding rank 6 so i guess Dusk Palace will just have to wait. I wrote down the quests and if needed, we might add it later on.

Got a msg from GM Chagatai at pwboards today. Unfortunately it's still not about the scores. Oh well i guess we still need to wait regarding week 2. GM Chagatai posted week 3 scores and so far tiger week 3 scores are correct (total incorrect), total serpent score is correct, dragon week 3 scores are incorrect (total incorrect). It looks like GM chagatai and other higher bosses saw the similarities of the dusk guide found here and the dusk guide that they posted. Now they've given me the credits. YEY!

GM Chagatai posted that there will be x1.5 exp and x1.5 souls for this coming week as preparations for the incoming patch of Frost City and Marriage system. It got me excited about frost city so i asked rafi to finish the charts of the dusk weapons (he said he'll do it later).

I was supposed to update dusk-palace-bosseses and the charts, but hehehe i decided to check out frost city too. Surprise there because other than frost city, future patches include valley of the gods and rubik's cube(?).

I love you honey Rafi. Muah!

May 6, 2008

2:00 am
We'll know later if the event was successful or not. I'm planning on putting a feedback area so we'll know if people would want us to host another event like that. … will add some more later.

1:00 pm
After the event yesterday, FsAngel won. She chose Seize the Day and the flight device looked nice. I wonder how i will look using that. Hahaha. Nevermind i can still use my brown wings, so why bother changing it. Right now i'm re-doing all charts so they can be seen more clearly. I still need to do the serpent clans section, translating the dusk bosses and oops i should update the scores. Should be done in an hour (or more.. ehehe i still need to finish duruo for my 2 characters and rafi's).

7:00 pm
Checked the site stats of yesterday.. whopee!!! success!! We broke the 3500 visitor/day barrier. I made a feedback form for the bring me event Here is the link. Hopefully many people will respond.

Got a reply from GM Chagatai, he said they're still checking on week 2's TW scores and will keep us posted. In the meantime rafi and I have been chatting about this and that when he saw the new dusk guide by LU. He said it looks VERY familiar. I went to check it out and ahahah of course it IS familiar because other than replacing the images, the info came from our own dusk guide. They even failed to change the wordings in the last part(Resetting the dungeon) coz it copied my words word for word. Rafi said we should post comments regarding plagiarism. Considering i also copied the Dusk Palace Sneak Peak word for word (although i gave them credit for it), i told him not to mind anymore. At least they know that our guide is very good to the point that they used it as somewhat the official guide. My sister actually coached me on what i should put in the discussion thread in pwboards.

I was browsing through kanbisekai's site for the charts of the dusk equipment and i came upon the PW2-expansion information. Wow! Wish we could also have this patch within the year. Check future patch for the details. I just wish my translations are correct.

May 5, 2008

2:00 pm
I updated the TW records of each server this morning but i'm still hesitating about updating the tw scores because there's still no feedback from GM Chagatai regarding the discrepancies of week 2. I said that i will post the scores every monday afternoon and probably i'll do that later this evening or tom.. I spoke with him but he's about to eat lunch so hopefully by later, GM Chagatai have already double checked it.

We chose the winner for last week's screenie event. I initially wanted the bug entry because it really looked like the owner was petting the pet but well i am not the only one who decides the winner out of all images. After i consulted with the twins, we reduced the entries into 2. One was the imposing Golem and the other one the frog prince entry. Since we can't decide between the two, 3 more people were asked to judge the two. In the end the frog prince won.

I'm having butterflies in my stomach thinking about the event later. I still need to go out by 3 pm so i have to be ready as soon as i get home. Meng said he will go to a computer shop early, i hope he finds an available pc. Ciao for now.

May 4, 2008

I was asking Rafi about the mold we got (the eva necklace that he said he can't use). To be quite honest, that mold was the reason why we are going to hold the bring me event tomorrow. We wanted to give it away but i told Rafi we can't create a contest for Dragon server only since our site caters to the whole ph-pw. So instead of giving the mold, we decided to give a flight device. Still… that darn mold kept haunting me. I kept bugging Rafi about what to do with it so this morning around 4:00 am, he suggested we do a "testrun" for the bring me event but they won't need to bring any item. They just need to find us (or him rather). So we positioned ourselves near the worn chest at the Sword City. I was getting ready to do a world chat but when i checked our location, i found out there was another person located in our vicinity. I rightclicked the name and was supposed to check if that person is near us but I clicked on Party instead. Boom! That guy now knows we're there. So we moved to Beast City and positioned ourselves near the Refining chest. Rafi said this is better since there are 3 Refining chests (first leap quests of newbies) in three different cities so it will really be a "find-me" event. So we used world chat and after around 3 mins, someone found us. A Yao Shou whose name was xXxKevsxXx or something (darn should've taken a screenshot). Around 30 secs later, a Yu Mang showed up. Unfortunately we already have the winner. We gave away that mold and that removed a load off my shoulders. Hahaha. I hope the winner can use it though.

Got a new mail today. It hurts knowing i don't do this kind of stuff.

A form with the following contents was submitted to you on 6:41 am Sunday May 4 2008:

name: pak u
email: moc.oohay|akrekcahgnakobob#moc.oohay|akrekcahgnakobob
message: ur son of a b1tch
subject: scammer bobo

The visitor's IP address was:

I checked the IP address and it came from a smartbro user. Who do you think you are? I don't scam people and don't you dare judge my site to other sites giving away free stuffs but will take your arm and leg in return.

May 3, 2008

Got many entries for the screenie contest. I will have to start sorting out my mails into comments and suggestions, entries, questions.

We were not able to add new stuffs. I found out some errors in the dusk-materials page. For some reason, in the chinese fan site it shows that the 3 red items Ray put under three different bosses were dropped by the same boss. Ray said the info came from Lester. I pmed lester and he said that they were not able to get those said items yet so the chinese site that i found must be correct. Ray edited the page.

Actually the main reason why i was able to check on the drops.. i was looking for the icons for the 3 missing drops that we still don't have any images of. I found many sites providing the drops and who drops them, but not the icons. Hahaha found many sites to the point that i was able to update dusk-palace-bosses to Ray's chagrin 'coz he was planning on putting maps of the bosses' locations there. I said we could still adjust the page to show the locations and the bosses. Hm.. come to think of it, maybe it would be difficult 'coz the bosses are located in different places in different modes and difficulty settings. Let's say we open another page like "dusk-boss:location" or something similar. Might work.

Unfortunately i wasn't able to speak to Ray regarding this thought because he immediately said "wtf. si lester nasa clan. teka interview ko lang". Lester in Maharot? That only means one thing.. Beast city has fallen. I was correct. It had fallen. Celestial now owns the territory.

Til next time..

May 2, 2008

Friday again. I updated the TW schedule before i went to sleep. Actually we divided the task. Rafi posted the schedule of dragon may TW, while i finished serpent may and tiger may. I consolidated the dragon clans and tiger clans based on the clan directories found in pwboards. It was unfortunate that KaiShen locked rafi's threads. Those infos are so outdated.

Phoenix has 2 forums. Don't know which one is more updated since both have new threads/posts for April 2008. Majesty doesn't exists anymore or does it? I don't know much about tiger and serpent servers. Looks like the Guardians in serpent already disintegrated but they posted their info in the clan listing. For such a young server, that clan was very short-lived.

I found out that GM Chagatai already posted the results week 2 TW scores. Unfortunately his scores doesn't match mine. Scrutinizing his table, i found out that he added Phoenix main and extension's scores into 1 Phoenix.. Holy Order's 1st and 2nd extensions were also added into one Holy0rder column.


Guardian's score got an extra subtraction of 5 points. Weird considering they only lost 1 major towns.. sword city is still intact.


I spoke with GM Chagatai regarding these errors, unfortunately i caught him in a bad time. He was getting ready to go home (9 pm) since he still needs to handle the D-wars tournament in Cavite tomorrow. I explained the corrections to him and he said he will check it. He thanked me and logged off. I wonder what will come out of that conversation? Last week it took 1 week to get Legacy™'s score corrected. Week 3 is already upon us and we still don't have the correct scores for week 2.

May 1, 2008

Ok.. i'm going to start my personal blog regarding this wiki.

I remember last April 27 around 2 am, rafi and i were in a dungeon when someone PMed me, his name was Chevalier. He said he has a suggestion regarding the site. He was suggesting we put the materials needed for the dusk weapons (special mention Wheel of Negation) since he still had to go to the furnace to check the materials needed. I got confused. I keep thinking it's already here. I have already added that. So i asked him to go to the mystics weapons and to click the name. That's when he realized he need to click the name. So i visited that page too. I remember adding a note at the top of the page to "click the weapon's name for the materials needed" or something like that. I thought i must've forgotten the mystic weapons section but.. NO i did not. So since he wasn't able to read my note, for sure other people also missed that same note. So i edited the message, made the font size bigger and centered the text. Thanks to this guy, at least we're learning on how to improve the site better.

Anyway back to the present. I got a mail from cranie saying stamp of solitude infos needed correcting. I don't know what that is so i went to Tiger server.. found him online but not responding so i went back to Dragon. I searched this site for that stamp chuchu and found it.. i edited it according to cranie.

This morning Ray asked me if i have a signature (for pwboards) that he can use to link back to this site. I said no but he can get a screenshot of Rafi and me. So we planned on meeting at DC south to get the said screenshot. Ray and i were talking in YM that time. When i got back to the game, Sathariel was talking to me asking if i know someone named Flakes. Of course i know ate sol! She was (and still is) my friend back in RO days. So Sathariel asked if i can join their party because they were just talking about me and he saw me beside him (standing lolz). Ate sol was surprised and we chatted for a while. She said she just talked to wilson and he mentioned that i created this site which surprised her because she didn't know that her friend in RO was the one who created the site that they always use for reference. Small world.

After chatting with ate sol, i met with rafi and ray at DC south and we met Huiniz. He said "wow kumpleto kayo ah". Ahahaha actually that was the first time we met Ray in game as well. Anyway Huiniz suggested adding a page for the active clans of each server. Not a bad idea. So at the end of this day, i added a "petition" sort of to get the details of each clan and i also asked rafi to add a thread in each of the server areas in pwboards. Let's see what will happen next.

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