Believed to be offspring of the Beastlords of the underworld, a being of Beast lineage is given away by its animal features and fur. Beasts are instilled with a sense of pride by their sires by tales of great beasts who mastered their animal natures and gained great powers as a result.

The males of the Beastkind, the Yao Shou, are known for their superior stamina and strength. Mastering both their beast and human side, they can also change into the form of a tiger in battle.

The females, or the Yao Jings, are known for their mastery of the element of Wood. They have the innate ability to tame beasts from rabid wolves to golems of stone. They also have the ability to change into a fox.

Specialization: Melee Attacks and Transfiguration
Weapon of Choice: Axe and Hammer

Yaoshous are creatures that opened up to the evils of the earth and as such, the creatures that used to tread the earth for more than a hundred years metamorphosed with the shape of a human being.

YaoShous are strong creatures that are often serve as the front-line attackers on the battlefield. Their prime strength is their ability to battle with the enemies during short distance fights. They mainly rely on brute strength during attacks though they are gifted with support magic.

Yaoshous can bring out the inner beast in them by awakening the animal within themselves and in turn transform themselves into creatures of immense strength.

Yao Shou
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