Amazing Race


1. Everyone from PW-ph servers (Dragon,Tiger and Serpent) can join this contest.
2. The event will happen simultaneously in all three servers.
3. This will be patterned to the show amazing race. We will also have a roadblock, 2 fast forwards and a detour.

The 1st clue and further explanations regarding the roadblock, fast forwards and detour will be explained on the day of the game.

4. There will be 29 route info clues that will instruct you where to go next.
5. Provide the answer in the next pitstop to get the next clue.
6. Collect all answers.
7. The first one to provide the correct answers in order shall be the winner and his/her name will be announced in all servers, the succeeding 3 people in each server that will provide the correct answers in order will get the consolation prizes and their names will be announced in their respective servers.
8. The event will start on May 25, 2008 at 3 pm and will end on May 26, 2008 at 3 pm (1 day duration) or earlier if we have the winners by then.
9. The winners will receive their prizes on May 26, 2008.
10. Comments will be very much appreciated. Please post below


10m yuan - 1 winner for all servers
1 silver amulet - 3 consolation winners in each server

Side note: A person can only win once. He/she can't be "winners".
Another side note: All the clues meaning 1-29 passwords

Amazing race concluded

We have our overall winner - Yan of Serpent Server
Server winners:
Tiger - SEPHlROTH, Mimzy, andoks
Dragon - llaeonll, BeLdandi, Lee_Loo
Serpent - Ynna, n/a

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