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<About Us - Janelh and Arfael>
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Both of us update this site during our free time. Arfael's twin brother and his special someone help us with our characters, quests and other things that we need from time to time. Thanks guys!

Addendum: We recently have a volunteer player who now adds to the information found in this website. Ray of Dragon Server. Thanks dude. ^_^

<About Me - Janelh>
I was an avid player of Ragnarok Online and my boyfriend was an Eve-online player. Some time ago, LU released this new game Perfect World in the Philippines. There are guides, databases and helpful sites galore for RO but when i started to play this game and found out that there are still no (or just a few with some in other languages) guides, i have this crazy idea of creating my own.

I originally posted these in my blog http://janelh.wordpress.com unfortunately due to the site restrictions such as not allowing javascript and embedding, I persuaded my boyfriend to help me recreate the site in a wiki format. So TADA!!! this site is born.

All copyright belongs to the owner of the game. This site is just a fansite and i am just compiling the information that came from other websites so some contents here didn’t come from me.

Sources: Perfect World France, PW-ph, ampota!, robsoft PW, Japanese wiki, asiapworld, PW-my

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If you want to help me or just give a comment just drop me a message. Just don’t spam my email. ty ty.


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