5 To Win (Birthday celebration)



Official Teams


  • Team GrimmZ
  • Team Chiz Curls
  • Team wasalak
  • Team Governor
  • Team PartyClan
  • Team ZeroCooL
  • Team Calculus
  • Team Ravnica
  • Team EKLAT
  • Team Renegade


  • Team Chakaronians
  • Team MaxX
  • Team LULU
  • Team GSMBlue
  • Team ZenKy
  • Team JoshCamp
  • Team DASMA


  • Team Kindred
  • Team Fear
  • Team GigaWorx
  • Team Lucena
  • Team Neo
  • Team Insomiacs
  • Team JumongX Baliw
  • Team Zhao
  • Team MARIE
  • Team GATA

When: August 22, 2008


CONGRATS Dragon Team GrimmZ (1:40:62) 50m


1. This will be a group event. Each team will need to clear a lowbie dungeon. The dungeon will be announced on the day of the event.
2. Players need to form a group of 4~5 (4 players, 1 extra if one player can't come) and submit their names before August 17, 2008. done
3. A player can only join one team. In the event that we find a player's name in 2 teams, both teams will be disqualified.
4. Only one player per class per team. In the event that we find 2 players of the same class in one team, that team will be disqualified.
5. We're going to choose 10 teams from each server and announce the team names on August 18, 2008. [done via draw lots] done
6. The team with the fastest time to clear the dungeon wins 50m.
7. The Timer will end once the boss is killed. If there is still a monster alive after the timer ends, the team will automatically lose.
9. Two consolation prizes of 5m each will be given to the fastest time of the 2 other servers.
10. The team leaders of the winning teams will receive the prizes at the end of the event.

Disqualification on the day of the event

1. Using of wines
2. Only 3 or less players are present Due to the fact that some players have classes, we allowed 3 players present in the team only. It is their teams' disadvantage after all. Don't push us with 2 players or less.
3. Late. Grace period of 5 minutes for the members.

Event Time

Serpent: 3 pm
Tiger: 5 pm
Dragon: 7 pm

  • We're expecting that each server will be done in 2 hours.
  • The teams were drawn using a random number sequence generator so that will be the order of the teams.
  • If one team is disqualified, the next team will automatically be called so team leaders please expect to be called anytime.
  • We're going to post the time-to-beat and each team's time in the site as well as announce each team's time after every run.


  • Why do i see same jobs in 1 team?

- For as long as we dont see same jobs in the team that will fight in the event itself, the team is valid. We only need 4 members.

  • Can we use a substitute?

- We asked for 5 names. If one is absent, the last name in the list will be the substitute.

  • Can we use pills?

- Yes. We don't allow wines though.


Birthday Celebration

Thanks to all who joined the event!

CONGRATS Dragon Team GrimmZ (1:40:62) 50m

CONGRATS Tiger Team Fear (2:01:20) 5m

CONGRATS Team DASMA (1:46:14) 5m

We decided to give all teams who didn't win but completed the run with 200k each as reward for joining our event. Thanks again! Mailed to all team leaders.

(Asciis are not presented properly)

Team Chakaronians (1:57:89)

Frozen - Yu Ling (team leader)
EdyLishuz - Yao Shou
`SeDaH` - Yu Mang
cae - Yao Jing
Demetre - Fa Shih (extra)

Team MaxX (3:01:09)

MaxX - Yao Shou (team leader)
MaxiMaine - Yu Ling
maxE - Wu Xia
_SHIREEN_ - Yao Jing
Hatsuki - Yao Jing (extra)

Team LULU (2:44.19)

debonaire - yu mang (team leader)
viola - yu ling
tidus - wuxia
Fairiezia - yao jing
Bheng - yao shou (extra)

Team GSMBlue (4:25:41)

MsKulit - Yao Jing (team leader)
mengay - Yu Ling
™AzUmA™ - Yao Shou
BoYmAgIc - Fa Shih
mspotcha - Wu Xia (extra)

Team ZenKy (3:06:62)

ZenKaT - Wu Xia (Team Leader)
Suzuna - Yao Jing
Clerick - Yu Mang
nIS - Yu Ling
BabyJ0hn - Fa Shih (extra)

Team JoshCamp (2:09:04)

Harman- Yu Ling (team leader)
Excalibur- Fa Shih
S@NzO- Yu Mang
Livauge- Yao Jing
TheGame21- Yao Shou (extra)

Team DASMA (1:46:14)

JohnLeo - Yu Mang (team leader)
CoNaN2829 - Yao Shu
yv0nne - Yu Ling
silencer - Wu Xia (extra)

Event Feedback

Greetings: Nagpapagreet si KARASU. Lolz

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